Choosing Between a Motorcycle and a Car

If you’re looking to buy a new vehicle, you’ve got a lot of options out there and it would be good for you to look into each one. One of the major differences between some of your options is choosing a car or a motorcycle, and there are a lot of benefits to each one. Everyone has a preference, but you might come to find that one option is far better than the other for you.

hands on a steering wheel in a car


Cheaper pricing

One of the bigger benefits in favour of motorcycles is the pricing. Typically, you would have to pay much less for a motorcycle than you would a car with similar capabilities. If you’re looking for something to get you to and fro, then your options are pretty open. A lot of people would prefer to stay away from motorcycles, but saving money can make them a very tempting option. It’s also worth noting that you may see motorcycles being cheaper to keep fueled. A higher MPG means you’ll be having fewer stops and fewer transactions while making use of your bike.

Small in size

There’s nothing worse than coming home and struggling to find a spot to park in. Some spots are just a little too small to fit your car, and you’re left driving around for some time before you can find the nearest spot. When you own a motorbike, that’s no longer a problem for you. Those spaces that are only just too small for a car are a comfortable fit for you, and you won’t have any trouble getting parked, either.

Safety risks

In terms of safety, many people will lean toward cars for their purchases. Driving a car is much safer for both the driver and the passengers. On top of that, you don’t have to wear any additional safety equipment while driving a car, whereas on a motorbike you would be risking a lot to go without it. Hypothetically, you’re much more likely to survive an accident while within a car than you are while riding a motorcycle. Even with protective gear on, you would be safer in a car.

That’s not to say motorbikes are inherently dangerous, but other drivers on the road can pose a threat to you. You never know if they’re going to make a mistake. A small slip up while driving can cost a motorcyclist a lot more than just a few scratches.

Weather protection

When you’re driving a car, the weather is of no concern to you. The only concern you have is how well your car will handle wet or freezing cold conditions. Riding a motorbike will leave you completely exposed and at the mercy of the weather.


You’re not going to be taking your family anywhere on a motorbike, nor are you going to be bringing any baggage with you. If you often find yourself with passengers and belongings, you’ll probably want to think again about buying that motorbike. You’ve no space to store anything whatsoever.

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