How Your Oral Health Influences Your Mental Health

We’re already becoming much more aware of the strong link between the physical and the mental side of your health. However, did you know that your mental and emotional health is just as strongly connected to your oral health, as well? Here are a few ways that connection can manifest and why taking care of your teeth and gums can be so vital for your wellbeing.

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The impact on your self-image

Something that a lot of people who experience oral health problems feel is a sense of unconfidence about their teeth and smile. There is a lot of social pressure to maintain a pleasant appearance, and many people can fear how they will be treated if their smile is what lets them down. Whether it’s in the case of a missing tooth or a discoloured smile, it can manifest a deeply negative impact on the self-image that can do a lot of harm. As such, treating this issue can help restore that self-confidence and self-esteem to some degree, not to mention the other problems that can come as a result of complications of these issues.

Your smile is more important to you than you might think

You also have to think of the role that your teeth and gums play in your everyday life and how your emotional health might be affected if you’re unable to do some of those. For instance, if your teeth are discoloured or have alignment issues, then you might feel self-conscious about your smile and, in turn, you can end up forcing yourself to hide your smile. This can make you feel a lot more self-conscious in social situations. Getting help from a local dental centre can help you restore your ability to smile. This can help you feel much more comfortable with being your natural self and expressing yourself as you should.

Eating is pretty important, too

Of course, your teeth do a lot more than make up your smile. They’re vital for eating, as well as for speaking, and if you lost any teeth, you can experience some real changes in these everyday parts of your life. Your speech can become impaired and you might find much more difficulty eating. However, missing teeth can be replaced with things like dental implants, so long as you ensure that you don’t wait overly long to do it. Time is of the essence.

You deserve to invest in yourself

A part of the need for oral care that goes underexamined is our need for self-care. You might find that people who have oral health troubles may also neglect their health and well-being in other ways. This can come down to a sense of hopelessness and an inability to change. Sometimes, seeking help and someone to speak to might be essential to go along with a renewed commitment to the self-care you require.

You might be surprised to learn that your mental health can be so influenced by your oral health. However, if you experience any oral health problems, you may be well aware of it, already, which is only even more reason to seek the treatments you might need.

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