How to Make Your 2023 the Year of Sustainable Fitness

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Have you ever promised that you’d get back in shape at the start of the year, only to fizzle out a month or two in? Don’t worry if so, life is complex, and you’re not a worse person for ending a program that you weren’t enjoying or didn’t think was sustainable. A common mistake for many to make is biting off more than they can chew out of excitement for the new direction, and then life invariably gets in the way.

Now we could definitely give you some hollow motivational speech about just wanting it bad enough, or visualizing yourself as that better version of you – but the truth is that none of this would be as helpful as looking at what you could do differently, how you failed last time, and opting for a more sustainable approach. After all, you just want to get in shape and feel healthy, not captain the best NFL team.

With this in mind, let’s consider how you might make 2023 the year of your sustainable fitness.

Accept How Much Time You Can Dedicate

Many people think that if they don’t attend the gym at least four times a week then they’re somehow deficient and shouldn’t even bother to begin with. That’s not true. Just dedicate what you can – we can promise it will be enough outside of your busy schedule. Can’t make it to the gym? Walking the dog twice a week can help you stretch your legs. Cycling to work might be a good way to add a little time to your commute, but helps you get your cardio in. Be realistic, and over time you can expand that duration once you get used to the schedule.

Plan Your Meals & Supplements

It can be good to start meal planning ahead of time, or at least consider the diet you want to follow. When your progress is backed up in the kitchen with nutritious, satiating food, you’re much more likely to relax and avoid the need to constantly cheat or indulge in too many sweets out of moderation. With certain supplements like a few micronutrients that help complete your diet, or UK SARMs and other workout products, you will be able to support your approach.

Consider Going Social Or Sporty This Time

You don’t have to grind your way to fitness alone. Why not try getting social? Perhaps you might head to yoga classes with a good friend or relative, or you might even join a sport that helps you meet new people. Perhaps some in your office want to start up a five-a-side football team, and you haven’t played for quite some time but you’re willing to give it a go. Taking that chance can put the wind in your sails and help you feel a little more connected and inspired. Sometimes, having fun like this can make the ‘fitness element’ of it less noticeable, but you’ll still get a great workout in.

With this advice, you’re suer to make 2023 the year of your sustainable fitness.


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