A Week of Slimming World Lunches

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram you might now I’ve jumped back on the Slimming World bandwagon after falling off pretty spectacularly over Christmas and New Year. After a week back on plan I’ve already lost 4 1/4lbs and so I thought I’d share the kind of lunches I’ve been eating to help me reach my target weight. I always find lunch the most difficult meal as I love bread but that’s not Slimming World friendly so I turn to the second best option….jacket potatoes. Usually a baked potato would be syn free but I’ve been using the frozen variety as I only get about 5 minutes, if I’m lucky, to make and eat my lunch before someone needs changing, feeding or entertaining. The frozen potatoes vary from 1-1.5syns each and I’m happy to give up a couple of syns on this as I don’t tend to use many elsewhere.

I started the week really well with a big plateful of salad, ham and a jacket potato. Eggs, ham and salad is all free on Slimming World and tomatoes are Speed foods which are extra helpful when trying to lose weight. I used a couple of syns for the potato.

slimming world lunch

On Tuesday I really fancied some bacon and we also had a shed load of eggs to use. Bacon is free on Slimming World if all the visible fat is removed and I added a fried tomato for Speed. When I fry anything I use Fry Light which is free or I dry free depending on what I’m cooking.

slimming world lunch

Wednesdays lunch was probably my favourite of the week. I really fancied a tuna jacket potato but instead of using mayonnaise I mixed some 0% fat yogurt in with the tuna to make a syn free filling. I used some of my Healthy Extra A on the cheese and the rest is all free.

slimming world lunch

By this time in the week the cupboard and fridge were bare and so I made a really simple lunch of jacket potato with baked beans (free) and a little leftover lettuce.

slimming world lunch

By Friday we literally had nothing left in the cupboards and so I had the last baked potato with a small grating of cheese. Mabel was also ill on Friday (and all over the weekend) so I didn’t have much time or inclination to think of anything more complicated. I didn’t even have the energy to photograph it but I’m sure you can all imagine what it looked like.

As I said, I find lunches quite difficult to think of as I’m always busy and need something mega quick but for dinners we get a lot more creative and have found so many delicious recipes which I’ll share on a post very soon.

I’ve only got 12 1/4lbs to go until I reach my target and I’m determined to get there before we go on holiday in April.

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