Meet Huxley!

Meet Huxley! Our newest recruit and probably my baby replacement for the time being except I don’t push him around in a pram. Yet.

Huxley is now 10 weeks old, we collected him from his family in Kidderminster just over a week ago.  He’s a pedigree Golden Labrador and his kennel name is Randy Andy. We expected the first few nights to be pretty hellish with the whining and the little accidents but we’ve been pleasantly surprised. At least I have, I think Matt might say something contrary to this.

Matts not a dog person.  I get it.  The licking of hands and faces is not something I relish either.  I like to stroke Huxley and I like the companionship.  I like it when he whines to get on the sofa and falls asleep instantly on my lap. I like the thought of taking the dog to the pub or on countryside ambles with the kids.

Monty, the resident cat is, none too pleased either but I’ve noticed each time Huxley’s around he lets him get a little bit closer.  Be brave Monty, you can do it.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking as he’s just too darn cute for words.  Expect a bit of puppy spam over on my Instagram for the next few months!



hux 3


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