Birthday gift ideas for a 7 year old

Elsie turns 7 very soon and I’ve not been short of birthday gift ideas. Elsie is quite vocal about what she wants and doesn’t want and that’s fine by me as it makes my job much easier!

I think by the time kids reach the age of 7 toys are officially off the wishlist and anything ‘aesthetic’ is on! It’s a bittersweet moment when you realise your days of buying big, loud, noisy and garish plastic are over. But, I’m trying to enjoy this period of growing up – it’s a nice age, they’re not all angsty and sulky yet but they’re old enough to be great company and do some more grown-up activities with.

7th birthday gift ideas girls

Anyway, this year, Elsie’s main present request was for a pair of roller skates and she was adamant they had to have a wheel in each corner – not inline! I can already feel my toes being rolled over – ouch.

Next up we have hair chalks and eyeshadow palettes. Now Elsie has dark hair so I’m not sure how well the hair chalks will work but the reviews on Amazon look great. I could do without more eyeshadow on my girl’s bedroom carpet but here we are. I just picked up a set of small applicators to go with it.

To go along with the girls’ night in pamper vibe, Elsie’s also asked for a pair of satin pyjamas. Now, we’ve bought these for her older sister before and they wash and wear like a dream so they’re straight in the basket.

Squishmallows – I’m not thrilled at the prospect of yet more cuddly toys in the house but if it’s what she wants who am I to spoil it for her. Like I said, I don’t think there’s much time left of her wanting to play with toys now.

Finally, all my girls are mad about friendship bracelets – now I know they can be fiddly but this set has good reviews as long as an adult helps. So, I guess that’s my evenings sorted for the next few weeks!

I hope you enjoyed these birthday gift ideas, let me know what your 7 year olds asked for this year.


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