My laparoscopy pre-op experience

Yesterday I had my Laparoscopy Pre-op assessment clinic appointment. I received a letter about a month ago with the appointment details on and also confirmation that my surgery would be on 22nd July.

The letter didn’t really explain much about the pre-op but I hit up Google and learnt that it would be a basic check of my height, weight, blood pressure and an assessment of my general health.

My appt was at 11:30am and Matt came with me just for a bit of support. Upon arrival I completed a medical questionnaire and waited for about 20 minutes before I was called into a room by a friendly female nurse. She talked through the day of the op and explained that I could have breakfast before 8am but after that just water. I’m going to be starving!!! Anyway, I’ll be operated on sometime between 2-5pm and will have to stay in hospital for a minimum of 2-3hrs afterwards for recovery. Part of the recovery means they want to see you move around, go to the toilet, eat, drink and generally function as a normal human.  The nurse also explained that I had to have someone with me continuously for 24hrs after the op otherwise they’d have to admit me (laparoscopies are generally day cases).  Matt confirmed he would be with me and I’m very happy about that. It’s not very often you get some quality time with your husband whilst he does all the housework 😉

The nurse asked if we had any questions and we did. I asked what would happen if I started my period and she advised I contact my consultants secretary to see if they wanted to reschedule the op or provide me with a tablet to postpone my period.   Matt asked when I could drink alcohol next…..he knows me so well. Actually he did have a reason for asking, we’re off to a wedding two days after the op and I’m unlikely to avoid a glass of wine! The nurse advised that as long as I was off the painkillers I could partake. Woooo

After I saw the nurse I had my blood taken to check my thyroid function amongst other things and then had a series of checks on my height, weight and weirdly swabs up my nose and along the leg/bikini line crease. He didn’t tell me what they were for and to be honest he was such a strange little man I tried to avoid talking. At one point he asked me if I’d had ‘breast surgery’ before! I was so shocked I just said no! I think he needs to check what a laparoscopy is!!

We left hospital within an hour of arriving and now I’m just trying to get mentally prepared for next Wednesday.


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