Why Road Trips Should Become a Travel Staple

Going on road trips is something that people have been doing since the advent of universal car ownership in the 1970s. The idea is to pack everything you need for a break into the back of the car and just drive, seeing where the open road takes you. It’s an expression of freedom, and a way to get away from your hometown and just explore the world. 

You might think that road trips are only something you can do stateside. But don’t forget that England has a large number of hidden gems, and you can travel to the continent by crossing the channel tunnel. Those feeling extra adventurous can even go as far as the Baltics, Eastern Europe, Russia and the rest of Asia.

Here are some of the reasons why road trips should become a travel staple: 

There’s No Plan

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The best part of going on a road trip is that there’s no plan. You’re not getting a “product” and so you never quite know which direction the trip will take. 

That might sound like a bad thing but think about it. You don’t just go on holiday to lounge by the beach and allow the world to pass you by. You do it for a sense of adventure and freedom. And that involves not knowing precisely what’s going to happen next. 

Who knows what might befall you during the course of your trip? You could find an incredible beauty spot, an amazing place to eat, or new communities along the way. 

You Don’t Need To Book

Here’s another thing that’s great about road trips: you don’t need to book. Instead, you just dump all your luggage in the back of the car on a Friday night and drive the whole weekend, stopping off at service stations refilled by New Era Fuels along the way. 

Remember, if you’re travelling in the developed world, you’re always within striking distance of a fuel station – even if it’s fifty miles away. And that means that you’re free to essentially travel wherever you like, do what you want, and don’t have to take orders from anyone. There’s no hotel or tour guide telling you what to do. 

You See Places That Are Off The Beaten Track

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The reason tourists congregate in specific locations primarily comes down to information sharing. People know about the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China because the media and popular culture talk about them endlessly. However, the world is much bigger than just these historic sites. And that’s what makes road trips so interesting. You get to see places that nobody ever goes to (or would even talk about going). 

You Can Stop Off Wherever You Like

Driving from city to city and beauty spot to beauty spot is a lot of fun. You can pass through dozens of places on a single trip, just enjoying the scenery and getting to know the area. If you fancy spending a night in a location, you can. Nothing is stopping you. 


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