Time to Start Planning Your Next Family Adventure

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With the arrival of Spring, recent sunny weather and the easing of lockdown, now is the perfect time to start preparing for your next family adventure. Before you know it, half term will have arrived and the children will be eager to do fun activities as opposed to staying at home glued to a tv screen. It is good to make the most out of being outdoors as much as possible, especially as there are so many beautiful places to visit in the UK. So here are some ideas for the different types of holidays you could have either at half term or in the summer.

Camping Trip

If your children have never been camping before, you could try this out for your next family holiday. Going back to basics and being in a quiet, tranquil environment lets you appreciate the calm and beauty of nature. Your children might even enjoy getting to do practical tasks such as helping set up the campfire, fishing, and just generally running around playing activities. This allows them to be imaginative by creating new games. Something which would not be possible when they are staring at an ipad screen endlessly. 

Caravan Getaway

You could go on a nice relaxing holiday using a recently purchased caravan for sale, which provides a similar setting to a camping holiday but with more comfort. You could still set yourself up in a nice quiet picturesque setting but with the comforts of the caravan instead. This would allow you all to sleep in a proper bed, with your own bathroom and kitchen facilities. You could try and do family activities together like playing a board game or completing a puzzle, in between moments when you are out and about exploring. This way you get the best of both worlds and still encourage the children to do non screen time activities. 

Beach Time

There’s no better feeling than walking on a lovely sandy beach, with the waves gently lapping at your feet as you head into the water for a swim to cool down from the hot weather. You could take the children to a picturesque seaside town (which there are plenty to choose from in the UK ) and watch them enjoy themselves as they splash about in the sea and build sandcastles on the sand. 

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Water Fun  

If you are staying in a seaside town you could certainly fit in some fun water activities to do with your children, particularly if they are a little older. You could hire a kayak, go on a boat, sailing, or surfing. There will be plenty of water based activities to try out if you all enjoy this. 

Activity Based Holiday 

You could opt for a more activity based holiday where the children get to do things like rock climbing, cycling, swimming, trapezing, archery and other fun activities. It would enable you all as a family to get stuck into the various daily activities whilst also staying at a lovely remote resort. It would certainly enable the children to do lots of exercise and be outdoors too, which will be good for them.

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Farm Stay

If you are used to living in a city, it might make a nice change for you all to stay in a farm based cottage where the children can interact with the animals on site. They will probably not be used to seeing them up close and being able to feed them, which will be a nice treat.

Rented Accomodation

You might prefer the idea of booking your own cottage in a lovely little spot in the countryside that allows you all to explore each day at your own leisure and venturing into nearby little towns to have a cosy pub dinner when you want a break from cooking your own meals at the cottage. You do not want it to feel like home too much, after all it is your holiday time too! 

All Inclusive Hotel

Perhaps an all inclusive, relaxing hotel break is what the whole family needs to unwind instead. At least you would not need to worry about sorting out meals as everything would be provided for you. You could find somewhere that has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and provides some sort of children’s activity so that they do not get bored. Again it could also be somewhere more remote which will be surrounded by lovely scenery. 


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