Taking Your Baby On Their First Holiday: Top Tips

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt to many holidays, many new parents are looking forward to the day – hopefully not too far away – when they can take their baby away on their first holiday. It is a magical time, seeing how they react to all of the new experiences, but it can also take some preparation and organization. Here, we look at how to make taking your baby on their first holiday a much smoother experience.

baby's first holiday

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Take a mixture of clothes

Let’s assume you are planning on heading to somewhere in the Mediterranean in the summer. You are not going to need to take winter coats and heavy jumpers, but what you might need are some little cardigans or hooded jackets in case there is a slightly chilly day. It is better to take a little more than you need than not take enough when babies and young children are in question. 

Think about the essentials

While you can pretty much buy most essentials wherever you are on holiday, they might not be the same as the ones you are used to. For example, nappies and swim nappies may fit differently in different countries, or, if your baby has formula milk, it may not be quite the same. Make sure that you take what you can from home – it does take up space in your luggage, but when it comes to your baby, familiar is often the best.  

Don’t take your expensive pushchair

If you need to take a pushchair, don’t take your expensive (or bulky) travel system. We have all seen how they can be thrown about in by luggage handlers and how sometimes things do not quite make it to the destination. If you have taken your expensive pushchair or travel system and it ends up damaged or lost, you are going to be very upset. See if you can pick up a second hand one from somewhere like Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree to tide you over on the holiday. You can always sell it or pass it on once you are home.

Call ahead

There is nothing worse than arriving at your accommodation after what is often a long and stressful journey to find there is no high chair/travel cot/kettle or any of the other things you need for your baby, especially if it is late. It is a good idea to call ahead – on booking and when you arrive at the airport – to make sure those things are included and that they are put in your room or apartment before you arrive.

Take a first aid kit

We all know what babies and young children are like – they can develop a temperature out of nowhere, suddenly seem unsettled, fall over and bump themselves, and so on. It is a wise idea to have a small first aid kit with baby pain relief, plasters, antiseptic wipes, and a thermometer, just in case. It avoids having to find a chemist or a doctor and hoping that the language barrier does not cause any communication issues.  


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