Taking Your Family Away in the Summer? What You Need to Think About

When it comes to the summer holidays you can often be wondering what is the best thing to do when it comes to your family. If you have young children like I do, you may be thinking about whether you want a long plane journey, the best locations and how long you should really be going away for. But a holiday can be a great way to enjoy quality time as a family, have a break from the routine and relax. So if you have been considering a last minute summer holidays before school starts again here are some of the suggestions I think you need to think about. 

family holiday

Deciding on the best location

One of the first things you need to think about, and perhaps one of the fun aspects of booking a holiday, is deciding on where you want to go. Browsing the internet looking at fabulous hotels, flicking through brochures or seeking out help through social media. It might be deciding between a European destination, a little further afield like the Canary Islands or staying close to home and enjoying the country we live in. The options are endless but make sure you consider everyone when making this decision. 

Find the best price

The next thing you need to think about is finding the best price for your chosen location or holiday style. It might be booking a package deal through an agent, booking things separately or seeking out discount codes from vouchercloud or similar websites to help bring the cost down. Many people save up coupons and loyalty points that can also be used towards the family holiday. 

Getting stocked up on holiday essentials

If you are going to be going away pretty sharpish you might need to get ahead with your organisation and stock up on those holiday essentials. Things like sun cream and holiday clothes for starters. Ordering online might save you some time, especially if they offer a fast and rapid next day delivery. It can often be something you can do quickly and gives you everything you need before you go. 

Keep children occupied during the flight

If you are heading out on an aeroplane, then you may want to think of the flight time and more specifically the entertainment on board. Most budget airlines these days don’t offer tv options for shorter flights. Packing up colouring, activities, little toys and plenty of snacks will be the key to a pleasant flight. 

Be strict with your packing

Finally, be strict when it comes to packing up your suitcases. Especially if you are going abroad. All airlines will have guidelines on the weight per passenger, and if you exceed that it can be pricey. Try and stick with outfits or options per day, and do similar with the children. Of course, children often need a few spares just in case, but with yourself and your partner, you can be quite specific with your clothes and show options. It helps to keep the weight down. 

I hope that this has you better prepared if you are planning a last minute escape with the family. 


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