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Preparing for a trip to Orlando

If you’re off to Orlando, Florida soon then lucky you – it’s my favourite place on Earth! We’re planning a trip to Orlando for my 40th birthday (which is still a little way off) but it’s got me, and the kids, super excited for what’s to come. When Elsie sees the Walt Disney World advert on the TV she always asks if we can go to ‘Minnie Mouse World’ soon? It’s so cute so how could I say no?!

But, with a big holiday like this comes some monstrous prep work which begins waaaay before you leave the UK. I love being organised and having things planned so preparing for a trip like this is like a little project for me to beaver away at and (as a former project manager) I’m in my element!

There’s ALOT to do in Orlando and I think you can easily become overwhelmed and fill your days with things you perhaps didn’t plan to do and miss things which perhaps you might have preferred to do. I’d suggest making a rough plan ahead of your holiday to map out (loosely) what you plan to do each day. And, whilst you’re doing that make sure you schedule in some down time – particularly if you’re travelling with kids. It’s so easy to burn yourself out with lots of walking especially if it’s hot!

Talking of kids and walking – having a pushchair for the younger ones is a must. You can rent them in the theme parks however it may be just as easy and more accessible to take your own. Even the older kids sit in them as it does get very tiring for little legs.

It goes without saying that Orlando is one of the top destinations in the world and therefore one of the busiest. Make sure you book all theme park tickets, Fast Passes for rides, dinner reservations and activities ahead of your trip. It’ll also help you to plan your time if you have bookings pre-made.

Check out the transportation before you arrive in Orlando. Many hotels provide shuttle buses to various attractions and it might work out cheaper to avoid a rental car if you’re planning to stay fairly local.

Finally, think about your budget. No-one wants to be on a budget – especially on holiday but it’s easy to overspend in Orlando on cute Disney merchandise and discount designer labels around every corner. The outlets are great for shoppers but you’ll need to buy another suitcase to come home, like we did, if you go too mad!


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