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How to Theme Your Next Vacation

Traveling the world is one of the favorite pastimes of Millennials. If we didn’t have work to do and had unlimited budget, we would never be home. At the same time, when we do get away from the same old, we want to create experiences for life. That is why you might be thinking about creating a theme for your next vacation right now. Having a package holiday is great, but there are so many things to do and experience. Find a few ideas below.

Food Tours

food tour

It is important that you are able to experience the location using all your senses, and your taste buds will thank you for taking them to a new journey. Next time you visit Asia or Africa, don’t forget to get a food tour organized, taking you to the different regions of the country, allowing you to learn about the traditions of food, the connection between customs and the dishes, and even learn a couple of tips and tricks from local chefs.

Learning New Skills 

It might be a good idea to combine learning with travel. You can stay longer and rent an apartment, such as this hdb 2 room flat rental to stay in the center and close to your education facility. No matter if you are looking to study some of the latest technology, research new companies, or to enroll in a specialist course, you will be able to make loads of international and local friends, and improve your CV at the same time. 

Language Learning 

You can also take the opportunity while traveling to learn the local language. It is always a great idea to try to strike a conversation with locals in their own language, as they will respect you just for making the effort itself. You can sign up for short language and history courses, so you can use the new skills in your line of work, and improve your cultural competence at work. This will help you secure a promotion easier, too. 

Wellness Retreats 

wellness retreat

A favorite theme for getaways is a yoga or wellness retreat. If you have already learned how to listen to your body and interpret what it is telling you, it might be time to accommodate its needs. Get close to nature, take a break from civilization and technology if you can, and experience a cleaner and more grounded life for a few days. You can find great meditation courses and yoga retreats in Asia that will help you connect with your foundations and discover your true purpose. 

Building Your Network 

If you are in business, it is important that you broaden your horizons every now and then. Taking  working trip to visit a company that is in the same industry as you in a different country will help you develop your strategy and change your perspective. You can build your network while traveling by finding out about local companies and business owners, setting up meetings during your trip, and staying in touch after. Make sure you stay organized and have a diary with the locations and dates, so you can make the most out of every meeting. You can even find potential partners or collaboration opportunities. 

Cultural Exploration 

Sometimes we know that we need to shift our priorities, but need new experiences to make it happen. You can turn your vacation into a cultural exploration, and make the most out of the time by connecting with locals and learning about their belief systems, traditions, and values. If you happen to visit India or another Asian country, the contrast between the lifestyle and values will be clearly visible. Chances are that your perception about wealth and happiness will change forever. 


If you enjoy riding your bike or driving long haul, you can hire a car or a bike at your destination and make the most out of the open roads. While it might be challenging to get used to the new law (or lack of it) of traffic in the country, it will be an experience you will never forget. Having your car and arranging your trips cross country will give you the freedom you love when hitting the highway or the country roads at home. 

Having a theme for your vacation is a good way to experience something most tourists don’t get to see. Do some soul searching and find out what interests you the most in the country you are visiting, and you will have a trip to remember. 


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