A Guide to Planning a Family Holiday with Children

There’s nothing better than boarding a plane and checking out an exotic destination! Yet while your childless holidays may have been a carefree adventure where you’d go wherever you fancied without a second though, yet you’re moving around with the children in tow, then it’s important that you take extra care to make sure that everyone’s needs are met. Indeed, there is an art to travelling with children! Below, we take a look at some useful tips that’ll ensure your trip is fun for everyone involved.

holiday with children


Pick Your Destination Well

If you’re an adult travelling by yourself, then more or less any destination will satisfy your lust for adventure. But when there are children involved, it’s important that you think about how your chosen place will cater to the little ones in your travelling party. Depending on the size of the party and the location, you may have to consider hiring a vehicle, which companies like Mayday Travel provide.

While a city break can be good for everyone, when it comes to family holidays it’s generally best to think about those sunny destinations that’ll give you the space your family needs, while at the same time ensuring there are plenty of fun events, too. Luckily, wherever you’re based in the world, there’s going to be somewhere nearby that’ll give you exactly that.


Build the Excitement

You don’t have to wait until you’ve arrived on holiday to get your kids on board. They can be involved in the planning process! After all, if it’s a fun family holiday, then it’s best that everyone is looking forward to their trip away. This can involve letting your children be involved in deciding where to stay, showing them all the fun things they will be able to do, and letting them be a part of the packing process. Indeed, simply getting new clothes for the trip will get them excited! Check out Nicki’s clothing and get them some new threads for their trip. Let them bring one or two of their favourite personal items with them. Load up their smartphone with games and music. They’ll be as excited as you are!


But Don’t Overdo the Packing

Of course, while the children can be involved in the packing process, remember that in the end, it’s going to be you that’s left with carrying it all around. And your trip will be much smoother if the weight of the bags you’re carrying is kept to a minimum. It might mean taking less than you’d like, but you’ll be grateful when you’re on the move!


Think About Accommodation

You’ll have a range of accommodation choices when you go away. While a hotel can be good, it might be worth looking into getting your own apartment. This will allow the whole family to be under one roof. There’s nothing better than a big game of cards on the balcony of your own apartment!


Ready for the Flight

Finally, remember to do some flight prep. Kids can get a little crazy when it comes to plane journeys. Make sure they have everything they need, and calm their nerves before take-off to ensure a smooth flight.


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