Crossover Evolution: The Best SUVs of 2020

Remember that time you asked your friend or family member, “when do you think we’ll have futuristic cars then?” Yeah, that time is now. You’re probably sorely disappointed because we’re not all buzzing around in the air quite just yet. But leave flying cars aside for a moment and relish in the market we have today. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind, they crossovers are the cars of the future. The type has made leaps and bounds each and every year. More range, more power, more speed, more efficiency. The joys of owning a crossover car, go beyond the lavish interior space. These are your top choices for 2020.

Audi’s rendition

The crossover concept took the world by storm in the latter part of the previous decade. A type of car that’s spacious and handles well, while leaving a small carbon footprint, was obviously the best in the show. Now, the Audi e-tron is trying to grab the torch to run to the hill of crossover stage 2.0. The world will soon measure bhp in kWh but for now, to make it simple, the e-tron has the equivalent of 403bhp. But it has a staggering 490ft-lbs of torque. This the clear advantage of electric power units, monstrous torque without any effort. It gets from 0 to 60mph in just 5.4-seconds. It has a range of 248 miles, prospected to increase to around 311 miles as work is done on a newer performance model. 

The snarling beast

For such a long time, Jaguar has led the way in Europe with regard to performance all-electric car technology. Its I-pace has made quite the impact on the market and has shown that the concept of a crossover hybrid can become your everyday commuting car and family car. Now, the New Jaguar E-Pace is set to try and convert those that are sceptical of the crossover concept. This model will offer two engines, a 2.0-litre and a 4.0-litre. At the moment, hybrid power unit options will only be coming to the market in 2021. The 2.0-litre diesel offers around 150-180bhp. While the 2.0-litre petrol offers between 200-250bhp. The miles per gallon ranges between 41 for the diesel and around 30 for the petrol. The handling is as you would expect, classic Jaguar. A snarling beast with plenty of pedigree, responsive steering and great feedback to the driver.

The American option

Crossovers are big in Europe but they’re creating a stampede in America. Oh sure, they love their ‘trucks’ over there but the Ford Explorer might just change all that. This crossover SUV comes with a 290bhp V6 in a 3.5-litre displacement. The best part is, unlike many other crossovers, it has a third row which is actually practical. With plenty of room, this is a great family car choice and has a good old Ford engine reliability. It can tow an estimated 5,000lbs which for a school run car, is mighty impressive.

The best SUVs are showing the world how the crossover concept should be evolved into the future. With reliability, electric-only models, ease of use and excellent sportive handling, this type of car is ticking all the boxes. 


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