8 Tips to Prepare Your Family for a Holiday Abroad

holiday abroad

Travelling is a fantastic way to give your kids a dose of culture, especially if they’ve spent far too long sitting in front of the TV or computer. Perhaps you’ve been planning a holiday for a while, and only now have the chance to finally go. Do you feel prepared? Probably not. There is a lot to do, and even more, than you think there is. So how can you make sure this holiday goes smoothly? Here are some useful tips to prepare your family for going on holiday abroad. 

Know What You’re Going to Do

No holiday will be a success if you do not know what you are doing. You should know when to arrive at the airport, when you can check into your hotel or cottage, and how long the journey will take wherever you go. 

And this is all on the very first day. After that, you’ll need to know what attractions and activities you can take part in, especially ones that will keep your kids engaged. This all depends on where you are going. A trip to Disneyland makes it easy to plan, whereas casual beach breaks offer some freedom because you can spend as much or as little time as you want around the hotel.

But Accept You’ll Need to Make Adjustments 

That said, you can’t expect everything to go off without any issues. There will always be something that crops up, whether it’s a sudden change in the weather, cancellations, or kids that are too stubborn to get ready first thing in the morning. 

Because of this, you’ll need to have a backup plan. Again, a backup plan will depend on where you are. There might be a myriad of activities to do, but if not, you may need to get creative. Of course, if you have a private space, such as a villa, you can also kill some time by letting the kids play there. 

Write a List (And Triple Check It) 

A list is essential for any trip, whether you’re going for a day, a week, two weeks, or even longer. With this, you know exactly what you need to pack and you can make sure everyone has everything they need. 

If you’ve got school-aged kids, you can probably trust them to pack most of their clothes and other essentials themselves. However, for toddlers, you’ll need to take over. If they have a certain fondness for a fancy dress outfit or toy, make sure you bring that along, too. 

Introduce Some Cuisine Before You Go 

You don’t want to go on holiday and eat McDonald’s or some other food you can find at home. You want to try the local cuisine wherever you go so you can have a more authentic experience. But, this may not be the same for your kids. 

It’s no secret that kids can be fussy eaters, and if they are reluctant to try some foods at home, eating food abroad could be a brand new battle. Before you go, it is worth introducing them to the cuisines they’ll find on holiday to show them there’s nothing to be scared of. They might even love it more than they expected. 

Learn a Little Of the Language 

The days of speaking slowly and loudly to get your point across abroad are, thankfully, a thing of the past. Nowadays, more and more holidaymakers are willing to learn some of the language to make their trip much easier and even more respectful to the locals. 

You can do this, too, and you can get your partner and kids involved so that everyone has a more authentic experience. Learning a language can be tricky, but you can make it fun. If you’re going to Spain, Spanish films, books, and podcasts are all excellent ways to familiarise yourself with the language, and you can find similar resources for most other languages, too.

Get the Right Currency 

The thought of paying with physical notes seems weird after the shift towards contactless payments. But, you can’t do this abroad. Instead, you’ll need the get the right currency to prevent charges on your credit or debit card.

While you could do this at the airport, the exchange rate is hardly desirable. Instead, make sure you pick up these notes a few weeks before you travel. This is especially true of less popular currency, as it can take the service a few weeks to source it for you. 

Don’t Depend on the Weather 

Even if you go to the sunniest and hottest place in the world, you should always be over-prepared and never depend on the weather. While it’s probably not going to rain, you never really know. Packing for different climates will make sure you are prepared for anything and are certain to be comfortable no matter what happens. 

Some holidaymakers will only pack for hot or cold weather, and this is never sufficient. Even a single long-sleeve shirt will ensure you aren’t too cold in the evening when the temperatures drop, whereas sunscreen is useful for ski holidays, even if you wouldn’t expect it. 

Keep Everyone Energised 

Doing things all day, every day is draining, and exhaustion can quickly turn into frustration and agitation, which you absolutely do not want when you’re on holiday. 

To avoid this, make sure you bring plenty of snacks and stock up on water to keep your family energised. This is vital when you’re taking a walking tour around the city, but it’s also useful when you’re on a plane. Snacks will keep your kids occupied for the duration of the flight, especially if it’s not too long, and this will minimise the chances of them acting up, which is the last thing you want before your holiday has even started. 

On Holiday

A family holiday overseas is great for experiencing new cultures, making precious memories, and giving everyone a break from work and school. If you’re travelling with kids, there will be some stress involved, but knowing how to prepare properly will prevent too many tantrums and tears so everyone can focus on soaking up some sun, as long as the weather stays sunny, of course. 

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