6 Ways to Take Good Care of Your Vehicle

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Owning a car can be a significant expense which is why it’s important to take care of your vehicle. With the right steps, you’ll increase the longevity of your car and avoid paying out for expensive repairs. Here are six simple ideas to get you started.

1 . Check your tyres

Tyre depth and pressure are incredibly important, yet many drivers don’t realise this. Research from Shell Global discovered that ‘64% of drivers do not know how to check their tyres’ tread depth, and a further 85% do not know how to check their tyre pressure.’

One of the easiest ways to measure the depth of your tyres is to use ‘the penny test’. Find a shallow groove, and insert the penny into this groove of the tyre. When you insert the penny ensure that Lincoln’s head is turned upside down. If the top part of Lincoln’s head is visible this means that you need to replace your tyres. If you can see the eyes, chin, and nose, your tire depth is acceptable. Alternatively, you can use a tyre depth gauge to measure the depth.

To measure your tyre pressure you can check out tyre pressure monitoring apps or you can use a tyre pressure gauge. Driving with the incorrect depth and pressure is unsafe and it can affect the performance of your vehicle.

2 . Use paint protection film

Over time the paintwork of your vehicle may become damaged, this can ruin the appearance of your vehicle, and lower the value. To protect your paintwork consider using a paint protection film, it’s like a clear wrap that goes on top of the paintwork. The film offers protection from harsh weather, chips, and scratches. PPF wrap is a type of polyurethane material, it’s durable and tough, providing a glossy satin finish. When you use a PPF wrap on your car you’ll keep the paintwork in tip-top condition for years.

3. Inspect the battery

To take great care of your vehicle you should inspect the car battery every once in a while. First, take a look at the battery case, clean off any dust and dirt, and check for corrosion. If you notice cracks near the top of the case this could mean that you’ll need a new battery. Next take a look at the brackets and the battery posts and terminals, if there is any corrosion here, you might need to replace the battery. Alternatively, you could arrange for a technician to clean and repair these corroded areas.

4. Keep it clean

Super simple, if you want to take good care of your vehicle you should keep it nice and clean. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly car-wash product, these are some of the best options.

  • Eco Touch Car Wash Shampoo: Why not try this biodegradable plant-based cleaner? It’s a gentle product, removing grime without taking off the polish or wax.
  • Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss Concentrate: This plant-based cleaner smells delicious and is great for removing tough grime and dirt. It’s highly concentrated so you only need one cap per five gallons of water.

5. Service checks 

To take great care of your vehicle it’s important to keep up with your regular service checks. You should have your car serviced at least once a year, but you may need more regular maintenance if you have issues with your car. To record your car maintenance checks, try the Car Minder app, using this tool you can keep a record of your car repairs, and track the health of your vehicle. Car Minder can give you plenty of tips to help you increase the lifespan of your car. Maintaining your car properly can help you to save money on costly repairs. Choosing the right car can also make a difference, for example you might choose a slow depreciating vehicle, to avoid losing money.

6. Safe driving

One of the easiest ways to take care of your car is to drive safely, speeding and lazy driving habits can end up causing gradual damage to your car parts. You might think you’re already a safe driver, but there may be room for improvement. Tools like Drive Smart can help you to analyse your driving habits and become a safer driver.

With all of these ideas, you’ll take great care of your vehicle, and slow down your vehicle depreciation rate. Taking great care of your car is the best way to improve its life span and save a few pounds.


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