5 Apps to Make Savings on Your Vehicle Expenses

saving on your vehicle

Running a vehicle can be costly, from the fuel to the insurance and the parking costs. Luckily, there are plenty of neat apps which can help you to make a few savings. To start making savings on your vehicle expenses today, check out these five great options.

1 . The Zebra

The Zebra app allows you to compare car insurance providers so that you can find the cheapest deals out there. Simply provide data about your current provider, and Zebra will search for better quotes. You might qualify for discounts on your car insurance so it’s always best to check. Many providers offer no-accident discounts, mileage discounts, or defensive driver discounts.

2 . GasBuddy

The GasBuddy app helps you to find gas stations close by. The app will give you info about the cheapest gas deals, helping you to save money. GasBuddy also tracks your driving habits and gives advice about lowering your fuel usage. With the help of the app, you can earn rewards, report expenses, and track fillups. You can drive smarter, and even get access to your very own fuel card. When you keep an eye on your fuel economy, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

3. Car Minder 

The Car Minder app can help you to monitor car maintenance, and keep on top of your repairs. You can track tire rotations, oil changes, and much more. When you take better care of your car, you’ll avoid expensive repairs in the future. Keeping your car in great condition also helps to reduce depreciation. There are lots of features to take advantage of such as:

  • Monitor fuel consumption.
  • Store a record of vehicle services.
  • Get alerts when your vehicle needs a service.
  • A log of your repair history.

4. Parkopedia 

Finding a parking space in a city can be difficult! With the Parkopedia app, you can locate the best spots. Check the prices before you commit, helping you to save money on your parking. The app provides details of both large parking lots and parking on smaller streets. You can check if spaces are still available, to save yourself time.

5. FOBO Tire 

Driving with the wrong tire pressure means you’ll waste fuel, and waste money. More importantly, it can be dangerous to drive with the incorrect pressure. Using this app you can monitor your tire pressure, to ensure a smooth and safe drive. FOBO Tire includes a tire sensor, flat tire alerts, monitoring your car 24/7.

Further Help

There are plenty of other ways that you can save money on your car expenses. You might look into purchasing a second-hand vehicle or opting for an electric car. 

Leasing a vehicle can help you to save money, so long as you find the right deal. For a range of attractive car leasing options, take a look at Stable Lease. With so many options to save money, you needn’t be overwhelmed by your car expenses.

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