4 Awesome Holidays You Can Explore at Home This Summer

If your favourite tropical paradise isn’t yet on the green list for travel, then you might be thinking about planning a holiday at home this year. If so, then you’re in luck because there are some great choices to explore here. Let’s take a look and find the perfect holiday for your family.

RV in the wilderness

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Motorhome Fun

First, you might want to consider renting a motorhome. If you explore motorhome hire, then you’ll find that there are options for virtually every budget. As such, you don’t have to worry about issues with it being too expensive for you. Motorhomes also provide you with complete freedom to vacation where you want around the UK including the coast. There are countless camp sites scattered around England and other countries in Great Britain that could provide the perfect escape for you and your family. We do recommend that you get insurance though as there is a learning curve to steering these big machines. 


If camping is too rough and wild but you don’t want to hire a camper van, then you could consider glamping instead. The big benefit of glamping is that you will be able to have a beautiful place to stay that is far more comfortable than the typical trend. In fact many glamping areas have four poster beds for you to sleep on while you can still get the wonder of sleeping under the stars. It’s essentially the best of both worlds and could be perfect if you’re planning a romantic trip just for the parents. 

Beach Ready

You could think about heading to the beach with your family. You could assume that there are not beautiful beaches in the UK but you would definitely be mistaken. There are some gorgeous beaches scattered around the british coastline. For instance, you might want to think about heading to Bournemouth. Bournemouth has stunning beaches that have shallow shores perfect for paddling with the little ones. Durdle Door is also absolutely gorgeous and if you can brave the cold waters, you can swim through it! However, no matter what you might hear, jumping from the rocks is not safe or recommended. If you want a more luxurious beach you could also consider heading to Devon. 

Theme Parks Galore

Finally, you might want to consider heading to one of the UK’s many theme parks for a family trip this year. Whether you choose Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, or Drayton Manor, you’re going to have a great time. They each have rides that will be great for little ones and older kids alike and you’ll probably find there’s a theme park just a couple hours from you. So, you don’t even need to travel that far. Some like Alton Towers have their own hotels on site which are great fun and provide a little of that Disney magic. 

We hope this gives you some great ideas for your next family holiday. It certainly shows that you don’t need to go abroad to have a great time with the kids. You can have some fun at home right here in the UK. 


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