My Top Honeymoon Destinations

honeymoon destinations

I’ve always felt a little short changed on the honeymoon front. I love travelling and exploring new places and so I always imagined my honeymoon would be somewhere far flung and exotic – basically paradise.

However, when you’ve got two young children it’s not as easy as just throwing a bikini in a bag and jetting off into the sunset. We did have a honeymoon, so don’t feel too sorry for me, but it was around a month after we got married and was a two night cruise to Bruges. I’d been on it previously with my family and thought it’d be the perfect short break for us to spend a few days alone soaking up matrimony! Exploring the tiny cobbled streets and sipping cocktails until dawn was great fun but there wasn’t a beach in sight and a few days relaxing by a pool or the sea would have been the icing on the (wedding) cake.

I do often find myself daydreaming of where I’d go if we could honeymoon again and, as it happens, we’re off to Dubai in a couple of weeks on a child free break so we’re kind of counting it as our official honeymoon. I can’t wait to reconnect with Matt – we’re like ships that pass in the night sometimes and it’s easy to lose that spark if you don’t make time for one another.

Although we’ve chosen Dubai (we got a great deal) there are many places I’d love to jet off to – just take a look at Destination 2. I was browsing the site earlier and the Seychelles caught my eye – I’ve always fancied visiting destinations in the Indian Ocean.

So, here’s a little short list of my top honeymoon destinations….

1. Seychelles
2. Mexico
3. South Africa (incl. safari)
4. Maldives
5. Thailand

Gosh, it’s just so hard to stick to a handful of places! I could have added about another twenty destinations to that list I think. I’m sure once the kids are a little older Matt and I can start ticking some of these places off our Bucket List.

If you were lucky enough to go on a honeymoon let me know where you went in the comments below! I’d love to know why you chose it. Or, if you didn’t have one, where would your dream honeymoon be? I know some people that have taken their kids with them on their honeymoon (!) but knowing how stressful holidaying with the little ones is it’s my preference to leave them in their aunties capable hands!


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