20 week pregnancy update

Hello! That’s right – I’m just over 20 weeks pregnant and it’s kind of hit me that I’m pregnant. I have a proper bump now and my cravings are out of control. Last night I thought about burritos for a solid half an hour at least. For the most part though I just want cake. Daily. I can’t keep using the “this is my last baby so I’d better enjoy it” excuse. I remember saying that about a year ago and now look!

A few days ago we went for our 20 week anomaly scan and once again baby decided to play peek a boo. Baby was curled up facing my spine so it made it rather difficult for the sonographer to get a good look at all the bits and bobs she needed to measure. We saw the chambers of the heart clearly but unfortunately baby was so curled up they were unable to get a clear image of the connections in the heart and so we will need to go back in a couple of weeks to get them rechecked.

I think I said this last time I was pregnant but I really can’t wait to not be pregnant. I want to give the house a really good spring clean and declutter and although there’s nothing stopping me from getting on with it, I don’t seem to be able to muster the energy or enthusiasm to actually do it. Elsie’s coming up 10 months now and is well and truly over the baby phase but instead of packing away her baby stuff it seems to be lingering around as it’s all going to be needed very soon. Her bedroom is a floordrobe! I have Elsie’s current clothing, clothing handed down from Florence and friends and clothes handed down from Elsie to the new baby! Trying to keep it all separate and organised is a mission in itself.

The plan, in terms of bedrooms, is to keep things as they are for now. All current children have their own room for the remainder of 2017 and baby sleeps in with us. Come 2018 we will be looking to put Logan, as he is only with us the equivalent of about 6 days in a month, in the smallest room. When I say smallest don’t imagine a jail cell for the poor boy – it’s still a double bedroom! Then the girls will share the larger room which Logan is currently in. It’s like a giant game of Tetris in our house!

At 20 weeks pregnant bump is coming along nicely and I do feel rather huge. My body is already groaning under the pressure of another pregnancy and my hips will probably need replacing by the time I’m 34 but hey ho! I can’t say I’m relishing the idea of donning a swimsuit in a few weeks during our holiday to Fuerteventura. My thighs are thunderous and I dread to think what my arse is doing. Thank goodness I can’t see it.

If you want to see what my bump looked like this time last year when I was about the same gestation click here.

20 weeks pregnancy update




I say this every week, I’m sure, but where have the last two weeks gone? They were swallowed up in a festive explosion of food, presents and non-alcoholic sparking grape juice and I’ve come out the other end struggling to fit leggings on.  You know you’re in trouble when leggings feel tight!  So here’s my weeks 18-20 pregnancy update.

I turned 18 weeks pregnant the Sunday before Christmas Day.  I was feeling pretty good, despite having work to tie up and two kids to entertain whilst cleaning the house from top to bottom.  I did get a little frustrated that I couldn’t do as much as I would usually do and if the floor didn’t get mopped that one last time then I just had to take Elsa’s advice and ‘let it go’.  Then there’s always that one present to buy as well isn’t there, the one you leave until the last bloody minute and it’s usually for someone that probably wouldn’t give two hoots if you bought it or not but you’d feel awful if you didn’t.

On Christmas Day I started getting a pregnancy headache at around 4pm, thankfully we had a quiet day with only the father in law over.  As soon as he took leave at around 7pm we watched the soaps and went to bed.  Boxing Day started with the same horrendous headache but we had a houseful planned for later that day and so I had to dose myself up and get on with it.

I’ve been pretty lucky that my symptoms over Christmas have been pretty mild.  Thank goodness I wasn’t still in the dreaded first 12 week pit of rottenness.  I’d of had to cancel Christmas.

During my 19th week we were in Cornwall with friends for a week long break.  Spending time with my kids and husband was just what I needed.  Sitting on the sofa for the majority of the day also helped. We did get around in Cornwall, visiting Land’s End and St. Ives amongst other places but I did struggle with aching hips after an hour or two of dawdling around small, picturesque towns and villages.

I officially turned 20 weeks pregnant (halfway wooo) on Sunday 3rd January 2016 and it came and went just like that.  Our focus was on our 20 week scan which we had on Tuesday 5th January and you may well have seen my post dedicated to it and our gender reveal, if not you can read it here.  I’m still feeling good, in fact I think I feel better then most New Years as I can see light at the end of the ‘work tunnel’.  Sixteen weeks and counting until maternity leave starts.

I now have to do something similar to a three point turn to roll over in bed, usually accompanied by a series of grunts.  Sexy eh?  Well and truly blooming I reckon.