Deja-vu! It’s been 8 weeks since we suffered a miscarriage with our third pregnancy yet, here I am, announcing that I’m pregnant – again! To say I was shocked at the result of the pregnancy test is an understatement.  After… View Post

After almost a year and a half of trying we can finally announce I’m pregnant!  The last time I posted here we had been to the hospital for my laparoscopy pre-op assessment (you can read that here) and we were all geared… View Post

Yesterday I had my Laparoscopy Pre-op assessment clinic appointment. I received a letter about a month ago with the appointment details on and also confirmation that my surgery would be on 22nd July. The letter didn’t really explain much about… View Post

I’m not entirely sure where the time goes but it’s been about six weeks since I wrote an update on trying to conceive baby number 3.  In that six weeks I haven’t had a period.  For a week or two… View Post

A month has passed since I wrote my first Trying to Conceive update and I had hoped to update a little more regularly but everything’s just sort of……..stopped. The waiting for an appointment at the hospital or for one of… View Post