Weeks 20-22 have flown by in a whirlwind of baby girl names.  After we broke the news to my son that he was to expect another little sister he decided she should be called Rosie.  Florence has been set on the… View Post

Welcome back to my blog, you may have noticed it’s looking a little snazzier than previously.  I hope you like it – I’d love to hear what you think of it. I considered writing this post in the first trimester… View Post

I say this every week, I’m sure, but where have the last two weeks gone? They were swallowed up in a festive explosion of food, presents and non-alcoholic sparking grape juice and I’ve come out the other end struggling to fit… View Post

Starting to wonder whether I am pregnant or just fat.  Weeks 16-18 have been really, really uneventful.  I’ve had a stinking cold which completely knocked me for six, only just starting to feel human again and, at 18+3, I am still… View Post

During those dark days of the first trimester I never thought I’d say this but this pregnancy is whizzing by and I can’t quite believe I am writing my second trimester – weeks 14-16 update! Compared to the first trimester… View Post