It doesn’t get any less exciting, for me anyway. No matter how many babies I have I still get that nervous excitement and at 23 weeks pregnant I feel like I’m somewhere in the middle of this pregnancy. I feel… View Post

Hello! That’s right – I’m just over 20 weeks pregnant and it’s kind of hit me that I’m pregnant. I have a proper bump now and my cravings are out of control. Last night I thought about burritos for a… View Post

Daddy’s about to be very outnumbered – we’re happy to announce baby number four is yet another girl! We found out on Wednesday at a private gender scan and it was quite clear to see! I really didn’t know what… View Post

Well that was two weeks I’d like to erase from my memory!  During weeks 24-26 of my pregnancy I ended up seeking medical assistance on two occasions. Towards the end of week 24 I took Florence to pre-school as normal… View Post

Welcome back to my tenth pregnancy update – weeks 22-24! I feel broken from the last two weeks. Week 22 started with Florence being ill; high temperature, vomit….you name it. We were changing bed sheets in the night, forcing medicine… View Post