23 weeks pregnant bump

It doesn’t get any less exciting, for me anyway. No matter how many babies I have I still get that nervous excitement and at 23 weeks pregnant I feel like I’m somewhere in the middle of this pregnancy. I feel as if I’ve been pregnant forever but still have a lifetime to go before I reach my due date. I’m wishing the time away but not because I’m having an awful pregnancy I just really want to get to the finish line, meet this little girl and start our life as a family of six. SIX!

I’ve been feeling great. The pregnancy seems to be going swimmingly. Our scans have shown that little lady is growing along the average line and she seems to be developing well. That doesn’t make being pregnant easy. It’s so hard this time around. Carrying Elsie up the stairs makes me feel dizzy, lifting the pram out of the car four times a day hurts my back and if I sit for too long I seize up when I go to move. Most noticeably in the last week I seem to have developed SPD.

I’ve always had aches and pains during pregnancy but this time it’s different. When I get a bout of it I feel crippled. I get the most awful shooting pains in my lady area and a numbness down one leg. It’s usually when I’ve been carrying Elsie a lot or been sitting for a while. My pelvis feels like it’s crumbling. I don’t have another midwife appointment for four weeks so I’ll just grin and bear it until then. I’m not the sort to make a fuss. I’d rather die in agony then put anyone out.

I took a few bump pictures to share with you all yesterday and I compared them to my bump shots with Elsie. I am so much bigger this time around. I look now as big as I did at 30 weeks pregnant with Elsie. But I have been eating like someone’s starved me. I was also carrying an extra stone when I fell pregnant as I was only 4.5 months postpartum. I’m enjoying the kind of care free side of just letting my body be but I do feel uncomfortable and very, very unsexy. I’m looking forward to getting back in some normal clothes. I feel like I’ve been in the same maternity clothes for 18 months. Matt must wonder where his wife has gone!

23 weeks pregnant comparison

Sleep is as good as can be expected with a 10 month old baby in the house. If it wasn’t for her I’d probably sleep right through with one or two wee breaks. I feel constantly shattered and I’m trying to carry on like a normal, non-pregnant person but it’s getting harder and harder. I’ll have a few good weeks and then I’ll just crack and feel awful until I get some decent rest. I have no more rest or downtime than a person who isn’t pregnant and it’s hard. Sorry for moaning so much but I don’t really have anywhere else to say these things!

I hope you’re enjoying these little updates….I should imagine my next one will be when I am 28 weeks and have seen the midwife.

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20 week pregnancy update

Hello! That’s right – I’m just over 20 weeks pregnant and it’s kind of hit me that I’m pregnant. I have a proper bump now and my cravings are out of control. Last night I thought about burritos for a solid half an hour at least. For the most part though I just want cake. Daily. I can’t keep using the “this is my last baby so I’d better enjoy it” excuse. I remember saying that about a year ago and now look!

A few days ago we went for our 20 week anomaly scan and once again baby decided to play peek a boo. Baby was curled up facing my spine so it made it rather difficult for the sonographer to get a good look at all the bits and bobs she needed to measure. We saw the chambers of the heart clearly but unfortunately baby was so curled up they were unable to get a clear image of the connections in the heart and so we will need to go back in a couple of weeks to get them rechecked.

I think I said this last time I was pregnant but I really can’t wait to not be pregnant. I want to give the house a really good spring clean and declutter and although there’s nothing stopping me from getting on with it, I don’t seem to be able to muster the energy or enthusiasm to actually do it. Elsie’s coming up 10 months now and is well and truly over the baby phase but instead of packing away her baby stuff it seems to be lingering around as it’s all going to be needed very soon. Her bedroom is a floordrobe! I have Elsie’s current clothing, clothing handed down from Florence and friends and clothes handed down from Elsie to the new baby! Trying to keep it all separate and organised is a mission in itself.

The plan, in terms of bedrooms, is to keep things as they are for now. All current children have their own room for the remainder of 2017 and baby sleeps in with us. Come 2018 we will be looking to put Logan, as he is only with us the equivalent of about 6 days in a month, in the smallest room. When I say smallest don’t imagine a jail cell for the poor boy – it’s still a double bedroom! Then the girls will share the larger room which Logan is currently in. It’s like a giant game of Tetris in our house!

At 20 weeks pregnant bump is coming along nicely and I do feel rather huge. My body is already groaning under the pressure of another pregnancy and my hips will probably need replacing by the time I’m 34 but hey ho! I can’t say I’m relishing the idea of donning a swimsuit in a few weeks during our holiday to Fuerteventura. My thighs are thunderous and I dread to think what my arse is doing. Thank goodness I can’t see it.

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20 weeks pregnancy update




16 weeks gender reveal

Daddy’s about to be very outnumbered – we’re happy to announce baby number four is yet another girl! We found out on Wednesday at a private gender scan and it was quite clear to see! I really didn’t know what to expect as my cravings have been so similar to my pregnancy with Logan; very salty and savoury. However, after two girls I couldn’t imagine having anything else but another girl. There has been a little gender disappointment but I’ll probably chat about that in another post.

We’ve been throwing a few names around and I feel like the pressure is really on with this being our final child. I’d love to know what names you love? My favourites are all the old fashioned names; the sort of names your gran or great gran would have had.

Lets not forget about the clothing either; I have enough girls clothes to open a store. I’m most excited to be able to use our The Essential One sleep suits again as Elsie barely got the chance to wear them and they’re just beautiful!

I’m not going to waffle on for too long but wanted to share our news with you all.



Well that was two weeks I’d like to erase from my memory!  During weeks 24-26 of my pregnancy I ended up seeking medical assistance on two occasions.

Towards the end of week 24 I took Florence to pre-school as normal and began making a coffee ready to settle down and do some work.  As the kettle was boiling I thought about Baby M and suddenly realised I hadn’t felt her move that morning.  I know the experts say that babies don’t establish a pattern until nearer week 28 but I had only said to Matt the other morning “Oh she’s having a party in there – she’s so lively in the mornings and evenings.” From quite early on I had noticed mornings and evenings seemed to be the time she liked a wriggle – except today!

I text Matt and said I was a little worried and he said to contact midwife.  I asked for advice on Facebook as ringing the midwife seemed a little panicky and everyone suggested the same thing.  Before picking up the phone I tried lying down for a while and also having a cold drink but still nothing. About 9am I decided to ring triage at the hospital and they said to lie on my side and try a cold drink…..ok. So I tried again.  After an hour the midwife called back and as I still hadn’t felt any movement she booked me into a drop in clinic in Gloucester where a midwife would be available to listen to baby.

A couple of hours later and we had been reassured everything was ok.  My blood pressure was slightly elevated compared to booking but nothing to be alarmed about and although I could hear baby kicking on the Doppler I couldn’t feel a thing so we assumed baby must have slipped into a very sneaky position behind my placenta.  The day carried on with little or no movement but I felt reassured.  The next morning I woke to some lovely kicks from Baby.

Week 25 started with a headache which got progressively worse until I ended up in tears on the phone to Matt on Tuesday.  I couldn’t move without feeling sick and dizzy and the banging in my head was unbearable. All I wanted to do was hide under my duvet in a dark room. Once again Matt convinced me to call the midwife and she asked me to meet her at the Cheltenham birth centre in 45 minutes time.  I grabbed my notes and jumped in the car – not sure how I managed to drive as I felt horrendous!

Back again....headaches, high BP

The midwife took my blood pressure, pulse and listened to baby.  My BP was high and so was my pulse, my urine had signs of white blood cells in (meaning my body has been fighting some kind of infection).  Unsure of what to do for the best the midwife referred me to Gloucester Royal Hospital to do a blood test and also get checked over by a doctor.

Matt and I trundled off together, we were shown to triage and again I provided another urine sample.  That’s one of the plus sides of being pregnant – you can pee on demand!

On our way home shortly...phew!

My BP was still high but had come down slightly from earlier in the day and all other tests were fine.  The baby was hiding again so listening to the heartbeat was tricky – the student midwife called in a more senior midwife and eventually we heard it beating away.  The doctor did a few other tests and basically put it all down to migraines.  I was sent packing with a prescription for Codeine (strong painkillers) and told not to take too many as they can cause rebound headaches which are even worse.

The headache lasted another day and cleared up over the weekend.  It really was the worst 48hrs or so I’ve experienced for a long, long time!

Between seeing midwives and touring hospitals I have been doing odds and ends to the baby’s nursery and it feels like it’s coming together.  I’m on the brink of the third trimester now and I can’t wait to get to thirty weeks and begin a proper countdown!  It’s all starting to get real now!

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Welcome back to my tenth pregnancy update – weeks 22-24!

I feel broken from the last two weeks. Week 22 started with Florence being ill; high temperature, vomit….you name it. We were changing bed sheets in the night, forcing medicine into a child that gags on it and generally walking around like zombies for a week. That’s on top of the night time trips to the toilet – four times last night, four bloody times!!

Going into week 23 I really began to struggle with the pain in my pelvis. If I’ve been sat for too long everything seizes up and it’s quite painful to stand up straight and walk. I have a constant pain between my legs which feels sort of like the bruising you get post birth. The pain makes standing on one leg to get dressed impossible so I either sit on the edge of the bed to dress or have to support myself on something nearby. I feel about 90 years old.

I’ve already started mentally writing the ‘How do you know when to stop having children?’ post. I was always worried that the broody feeling I’ve experienced since having Logan would never go away but it seems to be evaporating fast. I kind of feel ready to do my own thing after this baby, do the stay at home mum stuff and then just be a great mum to the kids I have and get my own life back. Not only that but my body seems to be telling me three is enough. The weeks seem to be going backwards and the date I start my maternity leave seems to keep edging over the brow of a hill I can never reach.

What a moany old post this has been.

There were some amazing highlights in week 23. Namely seeing our little girl at a private scan once more. It was an unplanned scan and came about through Facebook. The clinic were looking for women ‘guinea pigs’ to assist in training their sonographers. We didn’t get all the usual checks you’d expect if you pay for a scan but we saw the heart beating away, the fingers waving at us and got a great little picture. Florence came too but she was more interested in the fizzy Haribo then the pictures on the screen.

23+4 weeks and Baby M is looking perfect! So happy right now  #pbloggers #mummybloggers #baby #secondtrimester #ultrasound #bumpclub #scan #ukmummy #mummy

23+4 weeks and Baby M is looking perfect! So happy right now #pbloggers #mummybloggers #baby #secondtrimester #ultrasound #bumpclub #scan #ukmummy #mummy

On the way to the scan I also stopped in Aldi and picked up some lovely bits for baby girl. It was all so reasonable I had to get it while I was there and before they had sold out.


I decided not to take up my midwife on the optional 25 week appointment and so I still have another three and a half weeks before I hear the heartbeat again or get my bumped measured for the first time.

I know it’s a little premature but I’ve started laying out the bits I want to pack for baby’s hospital bag.  Mainly because we have two weekends away before baby comes (hopefully) and I need to take a packed bag and my notes just in case.  It’s so exciting and I’ve been loving reading other people’s ‘what’s in my hospital bag’ posts or watching their vlogs.

24 weeks-all bump and arse! Watch out Kim K! #pregnancy #pregnant #bumpshot #bumpie #bumpclub #ukmummy #selfie #mummy #mumtobe #pbloggers #mummybloggers

24 weeks pregnant