I recently wrote about endings and beginnings. About how September is bittersweet; I loose one daughter to full time education but I get to spend much more quality time with my youngest. Well, September is also a time to unwind.… View Post

Up until July 5th, when Florence turned 4, I was actually excited for the Summer holidays. I had visions of us going for picnics, long walks and playing in the garden until the sun goes down. However, since turning 4,… View Post

Welcome back to my tenth pregnancy update – weeks 22-24! I feel broken from the last two weeks. Week 22 started with Florence being ill; high temperature, vomit….you name it. We were changing bed sheets in the night, forcing medicine… View Post

1. Your husband won’t love you any less because you’re wearing that maternity bra which makes your boobs hang either side of your bump. 2. Your child won’t die because their dinner has consisted solely of ‘foods’ which came from packets… View Post

Our weekdays usually start at around 6:15am when Matts alarm goes off.  When I eventually roll over he’s usually got the glare of his iPhone lighting up his face.  He hits snooze on his alarm about three times.  It’s so… View Post