So I haven’t officially mentioned on my blog but…I’M PREGNANT!

Baby number four is due in July 2017 and, now I’m over the shock, I’m getting quite excited by it all! This week I’ve hit double digits – I’m ten weeks pregnant. One quarter of the way through my pregnancy already.  We have our twelve week scan in two weeks time and we have opted for the nuchal translucency testing to detect the risk of baby having Downs Syndrome.

This week we had our first midwife appointment and it was so surreal to open the front door to the lady I’d met with six months when I brought Elsie home from hospital. We chatted through my pregnancy booking form, general health and plans for birth. I expressed concerns over the speed of Elsie’s labour and getting to hospital in time and she suggested we bring some medical essentials to the house nearer the time incase I feel I we don’t have time to get there. Our local hospital is probably a 15 minute drive on a VERY quiet evening drive but on a Saturday lunchtime it would be around a 40 minute trip.  I now have my Bounty pack and maternity notes so it all feels pretty official. Oh and they’ve jazzed up the Bounty wallets too but it would appear lessened the quality, if that’s possible!

I took my first bump shot today and I’m definitely showing! Although, at six months post partum, I am still carrying some baby weight from Elsie which made it hard to tell at first whether it was just chubbiness or actually the start of a baby bump! I think you can definitely see the beginnings of a bump although when I sit down it disappears into the rolls!

I’m not going to do weekly updates as I just can’t commit to it with Elsie but I will say that I haven’t been feeling the best. Afternoon nausea and some kind of weird pain in my very lower back that feels like a trapped nerve.

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ten weeks pregnant


It’s called a birth plan for a reason.  It’s a plan.  It’s not set in stone, it might not work out but it’s a plan of how you would like the controllable factors surrounding your birth to be.

I didn’t really have a birth plan with Logan.  How can you when you’ve never been through labour? My plan was to have a baby.  Having been through that thoroughly horrendous experience I had a much better idea of how I wanted my labour and delivery with Florence to be. It was almost all for nothing when my bump stopped growing but thankfully I got the midwife led birth I wanted.

In fact, the whole experience was so fantastic I want a replica birth with this little baby inside me – perhaps a little quicker. I am once again booked in to delivery my baby at our local midwife led birthing centre.  They don’t provide epidurals or caesareans. It’s a unit for low risk women to deliver their babies in as natural way as possible.  Every aspect of the unit is geared up for relaxation and the rooms are like homes from home where you, your partner and baby can all stay the night (if required) in the same room, on a sofa bed.

In terms of the labour I’d like to stay home for as long as possible.  If I do end up at the unit in early labour I would love to make use of the essential oils again by having Matt rub my lower back (sorry slave boy).  Once I feel the pain is becoming a little much I’d like to slip into the birthing pool and last as long as possible before hitting the gas and air.  Ideally I’d like to use the gas and air just for the pushing stage but we shall see. I don’t know if it helps with any kind of pain relief but it does give you something to think about and ‘do’ whilst things are happening downstairs.

The birthing pool was a massive form of pain relief for me. I didn’t have any of that ‘burning’ of the first labour.  There were no stretching and tearing skin sensations.  I had to deal with the contractions and the general pain but that was all.  It really was the burning that I couldn’t cope with previously.  The idea with the birthing pool is that you keep your bump underwater the whole time, stay upright and the warmth of the water keeps you relaxed and supple.

Assuming that all goes to plan with the birth, I’d like Matt to cut the cord and have some skin to skin whilst waiting for the placenta to be delivered.  Whilst the midwives take baby away to be weighed and checked I’ll shower and clean myself up.  I’d love Matt to dress baby girl and then we can all sit down and relax whilst little lady has her first breastfeed.  I’ve put a whole outfit including nappy and personalised bib in a small duffle bag on top of the changing bag so Matt can just grab it and know what baby girl is to wear.

It all sounds too perfect and I will be lucky to experience another labour like Florence’s. The one thing I can’t control is when.  Florence has been quite ill the last week and is still off her food and tired.  She’s been napping on the sofa which is totally out of character for her.  I’d hate for something to happen during the night and have to disturb her, she needs all the rest and routine she can get at the moment.  As much as I want to meet our new family member I really want the children I have to be happy and healthy.  If only to make me feel more relaxed about leaving them.  I was out the house less then 24 hours when I had Florence; we left home at around 4pm and got home around 9am the next morning.  Being a low risk birth unit, we were allowed to leave within about six hours but opted to stay overnight just to recuperate. This time, as we have Florence to think about I will want to leave as soon as we are given the all clear.  Even if I get home and head straight for a nap.  At least I can nap at home, in my bed with my kids around me.

A nap? Who am I kidding?!  I’ll have a newborn baby who wants feeding every hour and lets face it, I won’t be able to take my eyes off her.


Another week, another pregnancy update! It’s getting scarily close now and the labour anxiety has definitely set in.

I had my 36 week midwife appointment yesterday (Monday) and I was given the birth units telephone number, a pack of information about potential signs of labour and a ‘how to care for your stitches’ leaflet – talk about scaremongering!  I had stitches with my first born and it’s not an experience I wish to repeat.

The appointment went well, she came to my house which is unusual and she carried out all the normal checks.  My blood pressure seems to have come back down to a ‘normal’ level i.e. not 145/90 but more like 117/74.  It’s been much better since finishing work – coincidence?? I think not!  The bump is measuring 36cm so I guess baby girl is packing the weight on as expected – she should be around 6lbs now and continue to gain around 1/2lb a week until delivery.  Baby’s heartbeat was around the 144bpm mark – similar to where it’s been throughout the pregnancy so I’m content she’s happy in there.

The ‘signs’ I was experiencing last week have all died down, baby is not engaged yet and I’ve certainly not had anything like my mucus plug yet so I guess I was just experiencing normal third trimester symptoms.  I’ve actually been feeling pretty good this week – a little tired but generally a-ok!

My hospital bag is all packed and I feel quite ready for baby to come now albeit I’m starting to feel more patient for baby’s arrival then I have been…..I think the reality of life with a newborn is setting in and I’m thinking actually I quite like sleep!

My thoughts are definitely turning to getting fit and eating better.  I am sooo ready to say goodbye to these thunder thighs and bingo wings.  I bought Matt a Fitbit for his birthday and also treated myself to one too so we can spur each other on once the baby is here to get a little fitter.  I also bought the Joe Wicks Lean in 15 book – the good intentions are there!  I’m yet to make any of the recipes from it but that will change tomorrow as I am going to rustle up the kedgeree for myself as Matt is off horse racing for the evening.  I’ll try and remember to Instagram the dish before I gobble it up.

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36 weeks pregnant






Welcome to my 31 week pregnancy update!

I’m actually 31+2 days pregnant and have not long been home from my ante-natal appointment with the midwife.  I waddled off with my pot of wee hoping for the best and I wasn’t let down.

Baby M is head down, her heart was beating at a steady 148bpm and her back is lying down the left side of my tummy with her feet in the top right. I could have told her that as Baby M seems to like tucking her feet under my ribs at the moment. The good thing about her feeling high up now is I will be certain to know when she has dropped.  I also get out of breath picking up a pen these days.

My wee is free from nasties and my blood results from my 28 week appointment were normal. My blood pressure was 135/80 which is high compared to my booking reading but consistent with the last few visits to see the midwife so she’s not too concerned. My next appointment is in three weeks time when I am just over 34 weeks – the 12th April.  Time is starting to speed by and before we know it those tiresome nights (and days) will be here.

After I posted last weeks update I came down with another migraine and ended up on Codeine and paracetamol for a couple of days.  Matt came to the rescue ferrying Florence to and from pre-school and cancelling his personal training sessions. He’s such a star. I’m still unsure what triggers them, I am making a real effort to stay hydrated and relax – I even read a chapter of my book this morning (Me Before You if you must know).

My hospital bag is just about packed, all the tiny garments are washed and folded away ready to go at a moments notice. We’re off to Alton Towers overnight next week as a little Easter, pre-baby treat for the kids.  Of course I won’t be going on anything too bumpy so I’ve been assigned buggy pusher and vlogger!

I’ve noticed the labour anxiety creeping in.  When I read the updates about how heavy baby weighs part me of is excited and part of me is like ‘woah, thats going to hurt’. I’m trying to tell myself that baby will be coming out, it will hurt so just man up!!

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31 weeks pregnant

31 weeks pregnant


Finally, if you’ve been enjoying my pregnancy updates I would love your support in the MAD Blog Awards. Nominations are open now and I am up against some pretty stiff competition in the ‘Pregnancy’ category. My blog also qualifies as a new blog as it’s only just a year old so a vote in either of these categories would be splendid. I’ve never put myself forward, seriously, for a blog award as I’ve never really been confident enough but I feel really proud of my blog now. I’ve put in some serious hours to make it user friendly and interesting. My most popular posts, by far, are my early pregnancy posts so a nomination in that category would be the icing on the cake.

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During those dark days of the first trimester I never thought I’d say this but this pregnancy is whizzing by and I can’t quite believe I am writing my second trimester – weeks 14-16 update!

Compared to the first trimester the second trimester, thus far, seems pretty uneventful – which isn’t a bad thing. Most of the symptoms from the first trimester have eased off and now my placenta seems to have kicked into action I feel less nauseous. I am still getting hormonal headaches and they really knock me for six when I get a bad one, but thankfully, these seem to be getting less frequent too.  I feel like my diet is slowly returning to normal, I don’t feel the need to eat every hour and when I do I can usually grab something relatively decent instead of a handful of chocolate buttons at 8:30am!

Baby is supposedly the size of an avocado this week which seems pretty big to me, approximately 12cm from crown to rump.  I find it hard to believe their is a human inside me of that size and yet I am still not feeling any definite movement. I guess it’s well cushioned in my uterus.  When I do think I feel something it’s usually around 9pm in the evening, but when I place my hand on my stomach and press lightly I can’t feel anything. Hit me, baby!

I went for my 16 week midwife appointment today and the midwife I saw was lovely.  I handed over my notes and she reviewed what happened at the hospital last week.  I had my blood pressure taken which she said was fine but it had increased a fair bit since my booking appointment so I wondered whether that was anything to be concerned about.  She didn’t seem to think so.  My blood tests results from week 12 were also logged on the computer and she was happy with them all; I am immune to Rubella, I don’t have an STD and my iron level was 136 which is apparently brilliant – must be the new Centrum tablets I have been taking.

The midwife then asked if I had heard the baby’s heartbeat at the consultants appointment last week to which I told her I hadn’t. She said “Oh well lets take a listen and see if we can find it”. I was so excited and I wanted to record it for Matt to hear but I was really anxious she wouldn’t find it for some reason.  I led down and she had a quick feel of my abdomen.  She placed the Doppler on to my skin and for about 5-10 seconds there was nothing.  There was a weird noise and she said “oh that’s your placenta”…and then suddenly that lovely whish, whoosh noise of the baby’s heartbeat.  I think we heard it for about 5 seconds before the baby moved and it was gone again.  The midwife had another hunt around and found it again but soon lost it again. We heard it clearly though and she said it sounded “beautiful”. Looks like we’ve got a lively one on our hands Mr. M!

It was strange because I was telling the midwife that I was a bit anxious that I hadn’t felt the baby yet and as soon as Doppler pressed into my uterus I felt the smallest of kicks.  It was as if she was saying “ouch – that hurt”! I cannot wait to start to feel her moving daily, and for Matt to feel her and start to bond with her.  I always moan and groan about various things but it must be so hard being the man.  All this time where I feel weird and different but to them, besides my moaning and lack of housekeeping, everything is normal.  Suddenly everything kicks off in the last few months and a baby arrives!  I always feel like it must be more of a shock to men after the birth as they haven’t had as long to get used to the idea, or so it seems.

I was a little shocked to find out that, unless I need to see the midwife, she doesn’t need to see me again until 28 weeks! That’s 12 weeks away!! I have my anomaly scan in four weeks… fact this time in four weeks we will know if ‘it’ is a she or a he! I’ve already bought a couple of girly babygrows from Next as I just couldn’t help myself.  If it turns out to be a boy I’m sure someone on my Instagram will want them!!