I definitely didn’t look after my boobs during my first pregnancy or whilst nursing. I continued to wear the same old underwired bras I’d always worn and just stuffed them in as best I could. Not ideal. As I have… View Post

It’s finally starting to feel real as I write my 30 week pregnancy update.  It’s so hard not to wish the time away.  All those months I tried to conceive and all those tears over negative ovulation and pregnancy tests… View Post

Welcome back to my blog, you may have noticed it’s looking a little snazzier than previously.  I hope you like it – I’d love to hear what you think of it. I considered writing this post in the first trimester… View Post

I was browsing through the Daily Mail app the other day (yes, yes, I know) and I came across an article entitled ‘So much for maternity wear!’ which immediately caught my attention, for obvious reasons.  Anyway, it got me thinking… View Post