There’s something super satisfying about cleaning the house. No one wants to clean the house, but once we get going, it just has the feel good factor. Sure, the kids are going to come in like whirlwind and undo everything… View Post

Building a family is always an exciting time. Despite the work which comes with it, most people look at towards these parts of their lives with joy, looking forward to the idea of having the chance to bring someone new… View Post

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I don’t know about you but as soon as the clocks go back I’m all about making my home as cosy and comforting as possible. I like my house to feel welcoming and warm during the winter so when I… View Post

Flooring matters a lot in cold places. You just don’t feel like walking barefoot on the floor during winter. Here are some ideas for flooring that will make walking barefoot comfortable for you even in extremely low temperatures.  1. Carpeting… View Post