16 weeks gender reveal

Daddy’s about to be very outnumbered – we’re happy to announce baby number four is yet another girl! We found out on Wednesday at a private gender scan and it was quite clear to see! I really didn’t know what to expect as my cravings have been so similar to my pregnancy with Logan; very salty and savoury. However, after two girls I couldn’t imagine having anything else but another girl. There has been a little gender disappointment but I’ll probably chat about that in another post.

We’ve been throwing a few names around and I feel like the pressure is really on with this being our final child. I’d love to know what names you love? My favourites are all the old fashioned names; the sort of names your gran or great gran would have had.

Lets not forget about the clothing either; I have enough girls clothes to open a store. I’m most excited to be able to use our The Essential One sleep suits again as Elsie barely got the chance to wear them and they’re just beautiful!

I’m not going to waffle on for too long but wanted to share our news with you all.




Yesterday was possibly the slowest day of my life.  Our anomaly scan was booked for 4:15pm. I spent most of the day worrying that something was either wrong because I hadn’t felt much movement or that the baby would be hiding which would make measurements and gender check difficult.  Eager to get in there, we arrived 15 minutes early and were seen almost immediately.  In my nervous state I made some crass joke which basically made me sound as though I don’t usually wear knickers.  Awkward!

As soon as the sonographer placed the wand on my tummy I saw what looked like a dinosaur, the bright white of the spine and the bony arms and legs. The first thing checked was the heartbeat and sure enough it was there, beating away.  We later saw all four chambers of the heart and the blood flow between them. It was really amazing. The checks seemed thorough, the measurements of the cerebellum, head circumference and stomach were taken, the presence of two kidneys and all the correct bones was also checked.  It seemed like everything was present and correct.

As suspected, I do have an anterior placenta which means it’s currently sitting at the front of my uterus as opposed to the back where it would usually be.  I’ve never had an anterior placenta so I asked whether it would cause any complications further down the line and the sonographer reassured us that it wouldn’t affect labour as it is quite high up.  So I was right about not feeling much movement and now I know why, it makes me feel ever so relieved.  Funnily enough, since we left the scan I have felt a lot more movement – I wonder if all the prodding moved the placenta around?! It’s so lovely to be reminded every now and again that there is a little person in there.

We were able to get a few pictures but they weren’t the best, I did go and empty my bladder but baby’s position didn’t seem to improve – it was kind of curled away from my stomach wall as you can see from the picture above.  The only other picture we got was a bit of a scary face on picture with two large, black eye sockets and a jawline.

Now, for the bit you all want to know – the gender! As the baby’s measurements were being taken I did keep an eye out for the ‘potty shot’ and the sonographer later confirmed my suspicions, there’s definitely not a willy there!  It’s a GIRL!

I’d have been happy whatever the gender but seeing as I’ve already ordered a load of girls clothing it does save me some embarrassment and effort sending it all back!  So there you have it.

I’ll still be doing my usual pregnancy update tomorrow and you can catch up with last weeks here.


I can’t actually believe I’m writing this update – I’m 12 weeks pregnant!  Yesterday I sat in the same waiting room at the hospital where I had been told I had poly-cystic ovaries and would most likely need a minor operation to be able to conceive.  But, there I was.  Sitting, waiting for my number to be called so I could give my 12 week blood samples.  At that moment I thanked my lucky stars for the small person I had just seen on the screen in that small, dark room.

During week 10 of my pregnancy I started to feel human once again.  I managed some chores around the house, I cooked a few meals and even managed to do a few fun bits and bobs with Florence when she wasn’t at nursery.  I ate meals which weren’t meticulously planned in case they made me sick, I wasn’t wearing my sickness bands and I felt like I was returning back to the person I was.

Then week 11 came and it hit me like a tonne of bricks.  The tiredness, the sickness and the headaches.  Oh my the headaches have been horrendous.  At the time when I thought I was 11+5 I had the worst headache I have ever had.  I would say it was a migraine although I don’t usually suffer with them so don’t have anything to compare against. It hit me mid afternoon and my head was banging, especially when I moved; stood up or sat down.  By the evening I was a crying, curled up mess.  I had a blanket over my eyes because the light seemed unbearable and I was just in so much pain.  The paracetamol didn’t touch the sides of it and I knew I just needed to sleep.  Matts said to me a couple of times recently “I don’t remember you being this ill with Florence” and he’s right.  I suffered headaches during early pregnancy but nothing like this.  It’s funny, once you’re on your third baby you think you kind of know it all, you’ve done it twice, got the t-shirt and it can’t get any worse….but it bloody well can!

I’ve been craving the worst foods.  If my daily diet could consist of a double sausage and egg mcmuffin for breakfast, a burger and chips for lunch and fish and chips for dinner I’d be an extremely (fat) happy, girl!

Alas, I’ve been trying to eat well.  I have a banana on my cereal in the morning, I guzzle orange juice like it’s going out of fashion (the colder the better) and I try and eat lunches like tomato soup which will give me some more of my 5 a day.  I still struggle to eat a basic boiled veg like a carrot, or broccoli.

On Wednesday the 11th November (Rememberance Day) we were booked in for our 12 week scan and I’d opted for the nuchal testing too.  Our sonographer was lovely and she placed the jelly on my belly and I turned my head to the screen.  Immediately I saw a baby’s outline.  It sounds daft but just knowing something is in there made me feel better.  I think because we have suffered a miscarriage I get paranoid that the baby just won’t be in there, like I’m a fraud or I’m just pretending to be pregnant.  It’s a weird feeling but after today that feeling was quelled.

The baby bounced and arched it’s back and we all chuckled at it’s antics. It took a few moments but eventually I saw the heart pulsing away in his or her chest.  The sonographer showed us a birds eye view looking down from the baby’s head.  We saw the brain, a beautiful butterfly shape, two arms, a heart, a stomach, two legs and at the ends of the legs the smallest of feet.  It was just amazing.  The scary bit was when the sonographer went quiet and measured the fluid behind baby’s neck for the nuchal testing part….it looked like a tiny area to me and I really wanted to ask her opinion on the measurement but I knew it would fall flat and we’d be told to await the official results so I just said a little prayer.  Matt piped up at this point, and thank goodness he did, and asked about the bleed we’d previously seen around my uterus.  The sonographer had a look around and confirmed she couldn’t see any evidence of a bleed.  This was music to our ears and had been a concern since week 6 when we first discovered it.

The crown to rump measurements were taken several times and eventually we were given a due date of 22nd May.  This meant I had jumped forward three days! I was over the moon! We purchased three pictures for £5 and were sent off to do a urine sample and give bloods.  I should get the results of the nuchal testing back within a week to ten days.

I can’t stop staring at these pictures….I sat in the waiting room feeling properly pregnant for the first time.  All the sickness, aches and pains were worth it for those 10 minutes.  I’ve included two pictures as the one on the left shows the baby’s feet very clearly (which are very cute) and the one on the right shows the ‘nub’, or what I think is the nub very clearly.

I’ve been analysing this little ones nub and I know what I think it is…but I’d love to know what you guys think….whether you use the numb theory or the skull theory…let me know! The gender I now believe baby to be is different to what I initially thought….only eight more weeks until we find out!

You can read my weeks 8-10 update here.