So I haven’t officially mentioned on my blog but…I’M PREGNANT!

Baby number four is due in July 2017 and, now I’m over the shock, I’m getting quite excited by it all! This week I’ve hit double digits – I’m ten weeks pregnant. One quarter of the way through my pregnancy already.  We have our twelve week scan in two weeks time and we have opted for the nuchal translucency testing to detect the risk of baby having Downs Syndrome.

This week we had our first midwife appointment and it was so surreal to open the front door to the lady I’d met with six months when I brought Elsie home from hospital. We chatted through my pregnancy booking form, general health and plans for birth. I expressed concerns over the speed of Elsie’s labour and getting to hospital in time and she suggested we bring some medical essentials to the house nearer the time incase I feel I we don’t have time to get there. Our local hospital is probably a 15 minute drive on a VERY quiet evening drive but on a Saturday lunchtime it would be around a 40 minute trip.  I now have my Bounty pack and maternity notes so it all feels pretty official. Oh and they’ve jazzed up the Bounty wallets too but it would appear lessened the quality, if that’s possible!

I took my first bump shot today and I’m definitely showing! Although, at six months post partum, I am still carrying some baby weight from Elsie which made it hard to tell at first whether it was just chubbiness or actually the start of a baby bump! I think you can definitely see the beginnings of a bump although when I sit down it disappears into the rolls!

I’m not going to do weekly updates as I just can’t commit to it with Elsie but I will say that I haven’t been feeling the best. Afternoon nausea and some kind of weird pain in my very lower back that feels like a trapped nerve.

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ten weeks pregnant


I can’t actually believe I’m writing this update – I’m 12 weeks pregnant!  Yesterday I sat in the same waiting room at the hospital where I had been told I had poly-cystic ovaries and would most likely need a minor operation to be able to conceive.  But, there I was.  Sitting, waiting for my number to be called so I could give my 12 week blood samples.  At that moment I thanked my lucky stars for the small person I had just seen on the screen in that small, dark room.

During week 10 of my pregnancy I started to feel human once again.  I managed some chores around the house, I cooked a few meals and even managed to do a few fun bits and bobs with Florence when she wasn’t at nursery.  I ate meals which weren’t meticulously planned in case they made me sick, I wasn’t wearing my sickness bands and I felt like I was returning back to the person I was.

Then week 11 came and it hit me like a tonne of bricks.  The tiredness, the sickness and the headaches.  Oh my the headaches have been horrendous.  At the time when I thought I was 11+5 I had the worst headache I have ever had.  I would say it was a migraine although I don’t usually suffer with them so don’t have anything to compare against. It hit me mid afternoon and my head was banging, especially when I moved; stood up or sat down.  By the evening I was a crying, curled up mess.  I had a blanket over my eyes because the light seemed unbearable and I was just in so much pain.  The paracetamol didn’t touch the sides of it and I knew I just needed to sleep.  Matts said to me a couple of times recently “I don’t remember you being this ill with Florence” and he’s right.  I suffered headaches during early pregnancy but nothing like this.  It’s funny, once you’re on your third baby you think you kind of know it all, you’ve done it twice, got the t-shirt and it can’t get any worse….but it bloody well can!

I’ve been craving the worst foods.  If my daily diet could consist of a double sausage and egg mcmuffin for breakfast, a burger and chips for lunch and fish and chips for dinner I’d be an extremely (fat) happy, girl!

Alas, I’ve been trying to eat well.  I have a banana on my cereal in the morning, I guzzle orange juice like it’s going out of fashion (the colder the better) and I try and eat lunches like tomato soup which will give me some more of my 5 a day.  I still struggle to eat a basic boiled veg like a carrot, or broccoli.

On Wednesday the 11th November (Rememberance Day) we were booked in for our 12 week scan and I’d opted for the nuchal testing too.  Our sonographer was lovely and she placed the jelly on my belly and I turned my head to the screen.  Immediately I saw a baby’s outline.  It sounds daft but just knowing something is in there made me feel better.  I think because we have suffered a miscarriage I get paranoid that the baby just won’t be in there, like I’m a fraud or I’m just pretending to be pregnant.  It’s a weird feeling but after today that feeling was quelled.

The baby bounced and arched it’s back and we all chuckled at it’s antics. It took a few moments but eventually I saw the heart pulsing away in his or her chest.  The sonographer showed us a birds eye view looking down from the baby’s head.  We saw the brain, a beautiful butterfly shape, two arms, a heart, a stomach, two legs and at the ends of the legs the smallest of feet.  It was just amazing.  The scary bit was when the sonographer went quiet and measured the fluid behind baby’s neck for the nuchal testing part….it looked like a tiny area to me and I really wanted to ask her opinion on the measurement but I knew it would fall flat and we’d be told to await the official results so I just said a little prayer.  Matt piped up at this point, and thank goodness he did, and asked about the bleed we’d previously seen around my uterus.  The sonographer had a look around and confirmed she couldn’t see any evidence of a bleed.  This was music to our ears and had been a concern since week 6 when we first discovered it.

The crown to rump measurements were taken several times and eventually we were given a due date of 22nd May.  This meant I had jumped forward three days! I was over the moon! We purchased three pictures for £5 and were sent off to do a urine sample and give bloods.  I should get the results of the nuchal testing back within a week to ten days.

I can’t stop staring at these pictures….I sat in the waiting room feeling properly pregnant for the first time.  All the sickness, aches and pains were worth it for those 10 minutes.  I’ve included two pictures as the one on the left shows the baby’s feet very clearly (which are very cute) and the one on the right shows the ‘nub’, or what I think is the nub very clearly.

I’ve been analysing this little ones nub and I know what I think it is…but I’d love to know what you guys think….whether you use the numb theory or the skull theory…let me know! The gender I now believe baby to be is different to what I initially thought….only eight more weeks until we find out!

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Back again with another pregnancy update! It feels far less then a few weeks between these updates and my pregnancy feels like it’s zooming by already.

I’ve been feeling a million times better these past two weeks and more like my old self. I’ve been able to stomach a proper breakfast, I’ve spent more time blogging and hubby and I even went on a little date night.

Week 9 was also a really exciting week as we had an early dating scan arranged by the midwife. We’d already had the private scan but I guess the midwife needs to double check for herself and my records. The scan actually bought me forward a day which was pretty exciting. It was, as you can imagine, a relief and a joy to see our little bean on the screen again. It’s growth since our 6 week scan was incredible and the beginnings of tiny arms and legs were visible. The heart was beating away and I asked the sonoghrapher if she could measure it but she said they wouldn’t do it at this scan.

Our next scan is on 11th November which will be our official 12wk scan. We’ve opted for the nuchal screening test which looks to detect the likelihood of Downs Syndrome. I’ve been low risk in my previous two pregnancies but I’m not counting any chickens just yet. The midwife explained that each pregnancy is different and it doesn’t make me any less likely to have a Downs Syndrome baby just because I’ve had two low risk pregnancies before.

The sickness seems to have been replaced with tiredness and I’m struggling to stay awake after 8pm. Having said that, I find that if I am going to feel sick it tends to be in the evenings.

I’ve been following the journeys of so many of my favourite bloggers who are also pregnant; check out Charlotte over at Write Like No-Ones’s Watching, Katie at  Mummy, Daddy, Me and Kerry at Lived With Love. Kerry actually helped a lot when I went through my miscarriage by chatting via message to me and giving me advice and explaining what to expect. These bloggers are a lovely bunch y’know!

My bump seems to be making its grand appearance as you can see here in these shots taken at 9wks and 10wks. I really can’t wait to see it grow and know our baby is developing all its tiny features right there inside me. I always imagine how baby will look….will it’s hair be as long as Florence’s? Will it have my big nose? Will it have s weird high instep just like its father? So many questions and so long to wait!

Finally, and very excitedly, I can say that Matt and I have decided we want to know the sex of our baby. We want to prepare a name, bond with the little mite, and just imagine how our family could look in 6mths time. Will I be rebuying all those die cast Thomas the Tank Engine models or will it be Disney Princesses and sparkly everything? P.s. I’m not stereotyping-these are just the things my kids were into!


Gooooood morning lovely people and welcome to my ‘The First Trimester – weeks 6-8′ pregnancy update!

Today, I am 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant *mini fist pump*! These updates are a bit tricky to write as I want to update you all on what’s happening now but I have to write it retrospectively otherwise it just won’t make sense!  I’ll be updating at the end of every two weeks as I just won’t have the time to do a weekly post.

The last two weeks have been difficult to say the least.  The nausea and sickness from weeks 4-6 carried over and I have spent the last two weeks feeling pretty grim.  I still haven’t been sick but there have been a couple of occasions when my mouth is just like filling with saliva and I know I need to stop whatever it is I’m doing that’s making me feel so darn horrendous.  I usually feel the worst when I eat something my tummy doesn’t agree with or during the evenings.  So much for morning sickness eh?  It must be getting better though as I don’t find myself reaching for ginger biscuits or ginger ale first thing in the morning.

To top things off the exhaustion has reached new heights – there was me saying it wasn’t too bad last week!  Funnily enough it was week 7 that it really hit me with Florence and this pregnancy appears to be following the same pattern.  I’m ready for bed at 3pm and I sit wondering, for a few minutes, how the hell I’m going to get myself through to 9pm.  It’s like I have to give myself a little pep talk everyday to see me through.

My body feels like it’s been taken over.  My boobs are still sore – even the bloody shower water hurts them! My hips ache in bed, my waist has disappeared and my nails are growing like wild fire.  This will, hopefully, be my third successful pregnancy and I just can’t believe I’ve done this twice before.  It’s so bloody hard. I’m wearing some maternity wear – my New Look maternity jeans (under bump) are getting a good work out and a couple of maternity tops from H&M have been a God send.  I’ve also bought a couple of maternity bras which Matt reckons look too big for my boobs but I think he’s just used to seeing them in bras which have become very small, very quickly! The bras are not underwired and it’s about as close to not wearing a bra as I can get.  My bump isn’t really bump.  It’s a thick mid-rift at best. I definitely get the ‘full’ feeling very quickly when I eat though so I think our baby is pushing everything up a little and so I doubt it will be long before things are looking more bump like.

Food aversions
I still don’t fancy curry or anything garlicky.  Anything with a really strong flavour makes me heave a little.  Plain foods such as jacket potatoes, pasta and toast are still a favourite but I feel bad for the family.  I’m struggling with dinner making and ordering food as vegetables and anything remotely healthy just doesn’t appeal.  I know their tastes haven’t changed but it’s usually me that cooks.  I’m pretty sure everyone’s getting sick of pizza, pasta, chips, mash or beans!  I used to guzzle 3/4 cups of coffee a day and now I barely manage one – it just doesn’t appeal to me.  I still have caffeinated coffee as I drink so little of it and I hope it might keep me going just that little bit longer.  I have been drinking squash, fizzy water and caffeine free coke….oh and lots of orange juice too.  This is the only thing I manage to consume which is vaguely healthy.

In other news…..some exciting stuff has been happening at home.  We have two new residents… Smoky and Bandit….


Our old cat, Monty, went missing about a month ago now and we miss him a lot, these two have settled in perfectly. If Monty does show up he might be a little perturbed but I guess they will have to learn to get a long

If you don’t know we recently bought a new house and have been doing bits to it over the weeks.  This week we got all the blinds fitted by Hillarys and we love them – it’s even made Florence sleep in until 7:30am so were definitely worth the pretty penny!  Next week the new sofa is coming, I have my booking in appointment with the midwife and we have an early dating scan booked.  You may have seen the 9 week scan picture on my instagram already as I am a little late with this update!  The next update will be weeks 8-10 and will discuss the dating scan in more detail and what happened at my booking in appointment.  You’ll also get a sneaky peek at our new sofa!

So I’ll leave you with a ‘bump shot’ – 7 weeks and 6 days….sorry about the rubbish quality of the image – it was last thing at night and I was using my iPhone.



Sorry this is a little late – I’ve been feeling rotten.  I really want to track my pregnancy here, on my blog.  This post will cover from weeks 4-6.

I found out I was pregnant when I was 4+5 weeks.  Since about 5 weeks I have been feeling absolutely dreadful.  The nausea and ‘hit by a bus’ feeling was first followed by tiredness and boobs that felt like they’d done ten rounds with Tyson.

I’ve not been physically sick but the nauseous feeling is with me 90% of the day.  Relieved, temporarily by some kind of carbohydrate or sweet snack.  Every day I would fancy something else and the next day I’d be completely off the one thing I wanted the previous day.  I first noticed nausea the day after I got a positive result.  I was cooking cheese and ham on toast and the smell of melted cheese just made me feel so sick.  Since then it’s just got worse and worse until the point I’m at now (seven weeks pregnant) where I have to wear the sickness wrist bands that press on a certain point in your wrist to relieve the nauseous feeling.  Thankfully they seem to be helping.  I still find I need something in my tummy constantly otherwise I get that horrid swishy, swashy feeling again.

To be fair I’ve not been too bad. Some days are worse than others. I did have a three hour nap the other day which is most unlike me.  I’ve been staying up until 9-10pm which I’d not been expecting.  I had visions of jumping into bed at 7:30pm.  Maybe it’s still early days and that will hit me in the next few weeks.  The mornings are when I seem to feel worse.  I wake up and literally feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.  Heads all fuzzy, hips ache, tummy’s doing the hoke cokey and I feel physically glued to the bed.

Well I think Matt thinks all his birthdays have come at once.  That is until I tell him he can’t come within three feet of my chest.  For some reason, during this pregnancy, all my symptoms seem to be a bit more exaggerated then I remember them being.  When I take my bra off in the evening I expect to see bruises all over my boobs as that’s how they feel.  I’m going to go and by some sleep bras this week as I need something more comfortable and I’m bursting out of everything else.  Florence and I like to snuggle on the sofa before she goes to bed but she’s been elbowing me in all the wrong places.

I got the worst headaches between weeks 4-5. It was only when I realised I was pregnant that I knew why I was getting them.  The headaches seem to have been replaced with nausea now.  I’m not sure what’s worse.  I’ve been taking paracetamol whenever I get one and that usually does the trick.

Food aversions
I’ve gone off a lot of the food I previously enjoyed.  Last Sunday Matt made us a roast dinner and all I could manage were three potatoes.  Everyone who knows me knows I love a massive roast dinner!  I’ve also been off coffee, garlicky or herby foods and vegetables.  I’ve also been unable to eat the portions I was previously demolishing (which might be a good thing).  I can only attribute it to the fact I’m grazing all day.  I feel starving by dinner time but there only seems to be a small space for food available.

I spoke to the midwife yesterday and she’s arranged to come to our house to do the initial booking in appointment on 20th October.  I think then, once I have my notes, it will feel real.  I’m expecting to get my 12 week scan letter through the post in the next couple of weeks and we’ve opted to have the Downs Syndrome testing as we have with the other two children.  I don’t know what we’d do if it were high risk but I’d rather be armed with all the information I can to enable us to be ready for whatever comes our way.

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