I’m delighted to say that our beautiful baby girl, Elsie, came crashing into the world, weighing 8lb 11oz, on Saturday 21st May 2016.  After two days of mile contractions and symptom spotting labour signs I finally felt the real deal… View Post

I can honestly say that I didn’t think I’d be writing my 39 week pregnancy update. Since week 37/38 I’ve been experiencing, what I’d say were, the early signs of labour. So symptoms such as back ache, mood swings, increased… View Post

Every ache, every pain, every time I have to empty my bowel at a moments notice I’m wondering if these are signs of labour.  Anyway, it got me thinking about my previous labours; what were the signs of impending delivery? I… View Post

Hello chums and welcome to my 33 week pregnancy update. I know these updates are sometimes more a description of my week but I kind of feel that my pregnancy dictates how my weeks go. For example, if I have… View Post