23 weeks pregnant bump

It doesn’t get any less exciting, for me anyway. No matter how many babies I have I still get that nervous excitement and at 23 weeks pregnant I feel like I’m somewhere in the middle of this pregnancy. I feel as if I’ve been pregnant forever but still have a lifetime to go before I reach my due date. I’m wishing the time away but not because I’m having an awful pregnancy I just really want to get to the finish line, meet this little girl and start our life as a family of six. SIX!

I’ve been feeling great. The pregnancy seems to be going swimmingly. Our scans have shown that little lady is growing along the average line and she seems to be developing well. That doesn’t make being pregnant easy. It’s so hard this time around. Carrying Elsie up the stairs makes me feel dizzy, lifting the pram out of the car four times a day hurts my back and if I sit for too long I seize up when I go to move. Most noticeably in the last week I seem to have developed SPD.

I’ve always had aches and pains during pregnancy but this time it’s different. When I get a bout of it I feel crippled. I get the most awful shooting pains in my lady area and a numbness down one leg. It’s usually when I’ve been carrying Elsie a lot or been sitting for a while. My pelvis feels like it’s crumbling. I don’t have another midwife appointment for four weeks so I’ll just grin and bear it until then. I’m not the sort to make a fuss. I’d rather die in agony then put anyone out.

I took a few bump pictures to share with you all yesterday and I compared them to my bump shots with Elsie. I am so much bigger this time around. I look now as big as I did at 30 weeks pregnant with Elsie. But I have been eating like someone’s starved me. I was also carrying an extra stone when I fell pregnant as I was only 4.5 months postpartum. I’m enjoying the kind of care free side of just letting my body be but I do feel uncomfortable and very, very unsexy. I’m looking forward to getting back in some normal clothes. I feel like I’ve been in the same maternity clothes for 18 months. Matt must wonder where his wife has gone!

23 weeks pregnant comparison

Sleep is as good as can be expected with a 10 month old baby in the house. If it wasn’t for her I’d probably sleep right through with one or two wee breaks. I feel constantly shattered and I’m trying to carry on like a normal, non-pregnant person but it’s getting harder and harder. I’ll have a few good weeks and then I’ll just crack and feel awful until I get some decent rest. I have no more rest or downtime than a person who isn’t pregnant and it’s hard. Sorry for moaning so much but I don’t really have anywhere else to say these things!

I hope you’re enjoying these little updates….I should imagine my next one will be when I am 28 weeks and have seen the midwife.

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scan 22 weeks



So I haven’t officially mentioned on my blog but…I’M PREGNANT!

Baby number four is due in July 2017 and, now I’m over the shock, I’m getting quite excited by it all! This week I’ve hit double digits – I’m ten weeks pregnant. One quarter of the way through my pregnancy already.  We have our twelve week scan in two weeks time and we have opted for the nuchal translucency testing to detect the risk of baby having Downs Syndrome.

This week we had our first midwife appointment and it was so surreal to open the front door to the lady I’d met with six months when I brought Elsie home from hospital. We chatted through my pregnancy booking form, general health and plans for birth. I expressed concerns over the speed of Elsie’s labour and getting to hospital in time and she suggested we bring some medical essentials to the house nearer the time incase I feel I we don’t have time to get there. Our local hospital is probably a 15 minute drive on a VERY quiet evening drive but on a Saturday lunchtime it would be around a 40 minute trip.  I now have my Bounty pack and maternity notes so it all feels pretty official. Oh and they’ve jazzed up the Bounty wallets too but it would appear lessened the quality, if that’s possible!

I took my first bump shot today and I’m definitely showing! Although, at six months post partum, I am still carrying some baby weight from Elsie which made it hard to tell at first whether it was just chubbiness or actually the start of a baby bump! I think you can definitely see the beginnings of a bump although when I sit down it disappears into the rolls!

I’m not going to do weekly updates as I just can’t commit to it with Elsie but I will say that I haven’t been feeling the best. Afternoon nausea and some kind of weird pain in my very lower back that feels like a trapped nerve.

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ten weeks pregnant


That’s right people – I am 37 weeks pregnant and this baby is full term!

It does feel like I’ve gone past the finish line…..but where’s my prize? Where’s my medal for doing so well?! I was speaking with some other pregnant ladies on Facebook this morning and you do get this sense of relief when you reach 37 weeks pregnant and are considered full term but then you also expect to go into labour that day!  This is my third pregnancy and I should know better then that!

I am still experiencing increased discharge and *I think* my bump has ‘dropped'; have a look at the photos and see what you think.  I was reading a story to Florence last night and I suddenly realised I wasn’t gasping for breath at the end of each sentence.  There is a definite sense of relief on my lungs.

However, the decreased pressure on my lungs and chest has simply meant increased pressure in my pelvis and I do feel a little like John Wayne some days and my bladder is absolutely out of control.  I am going to toilet six + during the night.  I can’t even decreased what I drink as I feel thirsty all day.  It’s tiresome but all good signs I guess.

To be honest I’ve been a bit of a nightmare to live with the last week or so.  My emotions are all over the place.  I got myself in a state on Friday night about the whole co-parenting thing; the fact I only see my child for 36 hours in a couple of weeks is a killer and a thought I try not to dwell on. I could easily blame myself for decisions I’ve made but what would be the use.  The past is the past and cannot be changed.  Time to look forward.

I’m finding the days I have Florence at home all day increasingly difficult.  She’s not naughty or badly behaved; she’s just a three year old that wants to do stuff.  Lots of stuff.  Stuff that usually doesn’t involve being within 10 paces of a toilet. She is understanding and gives me and the baby lots and lots of cuddles and kisses.  I’m happy that she seems to have accepted that there is going to be a new baby as it was a bit of a shaky start when we first told her.  I’ve wrapped up some little ‘from the baby’ presents for both her and Logan and hope this helps win them over!

Over the weekend we went to Ikea and bought some new bits and bobs for the house.  I loved the house when we moved in but it’s just getting better and better and I can’t wait for each bedroom to have an occupant! This feeling of waiting is just a killer, I want to meet her, I want to put her little personalised bib on, I want to send an excited ‘she’s here’ message to all our family.  Just 18 days to go.

And yes.  I have turned into one of those pregnant women that wears her husbands joggers whenever I’m in the house.

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37 weeks pregnant full term

37 weeks pregnant full term bump shot



Another week, another pregnancy update! It’s getting scarily close now and the labour anxiety has definitely set in.

I had my 36 week midwife appointment yesterday (Monday) and I was given the birth units telephone number, a pack of information about potential signs of labour and a ‘how to care for your stitches’ leaflet – talk about scaremongering!  I had stitches with my first born and it’s not an experience I wish to repeat.

The appointment went well, she came to my house which is unusual and she carried out all the normal checks.  My blood pressure seems to have come back down to a ‘normal’ level i.e. not 145/90 but more like 117/74.  It’s been much better since finishing work – coincidence?? I think not!  The bump is measuring 36cm so I guess baby girl is packing the weight on as expected – she should be around 6lbs now and continue to gain around 1/2lb a week until delivery.  Baby’s heartbeat was around the 144bpm mark – similar to where it’s been throughout the pregnancy so I’m content she’s happy in there.

The ‘signs’ I was experiencing last week have all died down, baby is not engaged yet and I’ve certainly not had anything like my mucus plug yet so I guess I was just experiencing normal third trimester symptoms.  I’ve actually been feeling pretty good this week – a little tired but generally a-ok!

My hospital bag is all packed and I feel quite ready for baby to come now albeit I’m starting to feel more patient for baby’s arrival then I have been…..I think the reality of life with a newborn is setting in and I’m thinking actually I quite like sleep!

My thoughts are definitely turning to getting fit and eating better.  I am sooo ready to say goodbye to these thunder thighs and bingo wings.  I bought Matt a Fitbit for his birthday and also treated myself to one too so we can spur each other on once the baby is here to get a little fitter.  I also bought the Joe Wicks Lean in 15 book – the good intentions are there!  I’m yet to make any of the recipes from it but that will change tomorrow as I am going to rustle up the kedgeree for myself as Matt is off horse racing for the evening.  I’ll try and remember to Instagram the dish before I gobble it up.

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36 weeks pregnant






Hello! Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and welcome back to my 35 week pregnancy update. What a week it’s been too!

I’ve not had any appointments this week so I can’t tell you fact but somethings definitely going on ‘down there’ if you catch my drift. Last night I experienced what can only be described as a contraction. It wasn’t like a Braxton Hicks contraction where my tummy goes rock hard, it started in my back and got tighter and tighter and then came the release just like a real contraction. As you can imagine I sat there on tenterhooks waiting for more but nothing else followed and I had a pretty decent nights sleep.

Earlier in the day I’d been out with Florence as, although I struggle, I feel bad staying in the house all day especially when the weather is as nice as it has been. We’d visited a local garden centre and park and I popped for a wee-nothing unusual about that. No sooner had I flushed the chain I jumped back on the toilet and had a ‘clear out’. Sorry Matt-I bet this is making you cringe! So that kind of made me panic and then the contraction later in the evening made me wonder what was happening.

I don’t think I’ll go to full term but I don’t  expect a super early baby either.

For the last couple of days I’ve also had to start wearing a pad as I’ve been losing the start of my ‘plug’. At first I thought it was just a bit more discharge but this is A LOT more, I’ve never been so obsessed with the contents of my knickers!

This post has ended up a little more TMI than I had anticipated but if you’re reading it then I assume it’s because you’re interested in either my welfare or pregnancy and so won’t be phased!

I did a little comparison photo collage on my Facebook page from weeks 33 to now and I do feel as though my belly is much droopier at the front although I definitely don’t have that ‘head between the legs’ feeling yet so I don’t think baby has dropped properly. I’ve a midwife appointment on Monday so I’ll have a better idea after that.

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35 weeks pregnant

35 weeks pregnancy update