This last week or so, leading up to being 39 weeks pregnant, has been the worst week of this pregnancy by far for a number of reasons; a. Matt has been doing longer hours than usual due to a colleague… View Post

Another week, another pregnancy update! It’s getting scarily close now and the labour anxiety has definitely set in. I had my 36 week midwife appointment yesterday (Monday) and I was given the birth units telephone number, a pack of information… View Post

Hello chummies and welcome back to my 34 week pregnancy update! Since I posted my last update it’s been a bit of a rough week.  I ended up calling the maternity triage unit last week as I had a day… View Post

Welcome to my 29 week pregnancy update! It’s funny, when I’m sat working or just watching TV I think to myself how slowly time appears to be going. Then I come online to write another update and I can see… View Post

Welcome back to my tenth pregnancy update – weeks 22-24! I feel broken from the last two weeks. Week 22 started with Florence being ill; high temperature, vomit….you name it. We were changing bed sheets in the night, forcing medicine… View Post