baby bedtime routine

We’ve been using the same bedtime routine for Elsie since she was around four months old. At around 6-6:30pm we’d take her for a bath, get her dressed and ready for bed and then sit in her darkened room and feed her. Usually she’d nod off drinking the last few ounces and we’d put her down. Yep – we put her down asleep! Call the police. Seriously though, we’ve probably made a rod for our own backs and now we’re battling a baby that wants milk in the night to get herself back to sleep.

It’s definitely time to change our routine but it’s hard going and it’s only day three.

We discussed all the ways we could wean her off these night time feeds but we’ve opted for cold turkey. Sounds harsh doesn’t it but so far so good. We’ve had two nights of no feeds. But we’ve also had two nights of listening to her cry it out. I’m not all clued up on the techniques and their names but I guess we’re doing a form of controlled crying or sleep training?! We go in and settle her and put her music on and then leave her for five minutes. If, after five minutes, she is still crying we go back in again and do the same. We repeat this to a maximum gap of fifteen minutes. So far she has settled herself after the third time of going in and so we’ve kept at it. Supposedly it could take a week or so to break the cycle but we’re thinking of the long term and hopefully a week or two of pain for us both will mean a better nights sleep all around.

I hope that doesn’t sound selfish.

The Health Visitor agreed she needs to sleep through and was happy for us to crack on weaning her off bottles but she suggested offering water. I think part of the reason Elsie wakes is for a cuddle so I don’t think this would help much.

Unfortunately, this week has been pretty rough for Elsie as she also has a cold and seems to be teething (they may be linked) so we’ve had the Calpol out and we’ve had a cot covered in vomit. It’s hard to implement any kind of new routine when your baby is ill but now we’ve started we need to see it through. Matt is so much better at being hard on her then I am but I know it’s in all our best interests.

It’s bloody hard though. Although we’re not feeding her we’re still awake three times a night trying to settle her and listening to her cry on and off. I’m praying that when the cough and cold disappears she will sleep much more soundly. Every time she lies down at the moment she coughs.

Did you need to implement some kind of new routine to get your baby to sleep or did they do it by themselves? If they managed it on their own how old were they? Elsie will be 11 months old on April 21st and so I don’t think we’re expecting too much but she’s just such a cuddly little duck I feel so awful for her!

You can read about Elsie’s five month update here.


We’re big Disney fans in this house so when we were recently asked if we’d like to review Colours of the Sea Ariel we were just a little bit excited! I did a bit of research on the product before it arrived and quickly realised it’s a bath time toy – perfect for Florence as she absolutely loves a bath yet we have a very sad selection of toys for her to play with whilst she takes a soak.

As you can see Florence was beaming when she saw Ariel and I was surprised how big it is. It’s much bigger then some of her other Disney dolls and seemed like good value for the price.

colours of the sea ariel

The doll arrived before school so Florence was very patient and waited until the evening before opening her up.  I’ve not seen Florence so excited for a long time – she was almost shaking with anticipation! I finally untied and cut Ariel from the packaging and handed her over. Florence didn’t realise Ariel lit up and sang so when I told her to press Ariels necklace she just stood there in awe as Ariel belted out all the classics from the film whilst her tail flashed in time with the music. What I love is that the doll sings quite loudly so even when it does go under water you can still hear it. There are 14 phrases in total and I guarantee after 24hrs of owning Ariel you’ll be singing all the songs too!

After dinner Florence was bouncing around the kitchen asking for a bath….I wonder why! We filled the bath and she asked for all her other toys to be taken out.  Seems like there’s a new favourite toy on the block!

I thought we might have to dim the lights in the bathroom to see the lights but they were so bright, even under water.

jakks bathtime

Ariel also comes with Flounder, her fishy companion, which squirts water. Florence has found this particularly useful when sharing a bath with her little sister; Elsie.

Ariel takes three AAA batteries which are actually included when you purchase the doll so Ariel is ready to play with as soon as you are.

disney ariel

I was really impressed with this toy.  All too often we buy toys for the kids and are left feeling like you really didn’t get a lot of your money but I’d recommend Colours of the Sea Ariel (RRP £34.99) to anyone with a child over the age of 3.




*I was sent Colours of the Sea Ariel for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are my own.