I’ve been back and forth in my mind about posting these photos. Not because I feel embarrassed or ashamed. Actually, I’m not entirely sure why I wouldn’t post them, I guess posting pictures of yourself in undies isn’t the done thing unless your name’s Kim Kardashian but I really wanted to share what a ‘real’ post baby body looks like; no airbrushing, no fancy lighting and no fake tan.

Anyway, I remember the shock after giving birth to Logan seven years ago. I cried over my body image so many times. My tummy felt like crepe paper. No one ever told me about this side of motherhood. I guess I never planned motherhood at 24 years of age. I assumed being so young I’d just spring back. Instead, I comfort ate which only exacerbated the problem. You just don’t see pictures of post baby bodies do you? Unless you’ve had a baby you wouldn’t really know what to expect!

I’m not advocating these horrendous post baby diet body’s you see in magazines but I just want to be back to normal, back to what I was prior to growing a human and back wearing the clothes I have stacked up in my wardrobe from 9 months ago.  Matt and I were watching Springwatch a couple of nights ago and they were discussing lactating sows. I said to Matt “I’m a lactating sow aren’t I?” and he just chuckled and continued with whatever he was doing. But that’s kind of how I feel. Like a sow. A bit lazier than usual, a bit smellier than usual, dripping milk every time Elsie cries and slightly wirey haired!

Not a pretty picture, granted.

Anyway, I’ve lost 1st and 7lbs minimum since Elsie’s birthday, 3 weeks ago. I say minimum as the last time I weighed myself it was the week before I delivered Elsie so potentially I’ve lost even more. The numbers keep going down and every time I try my old clothes on they’re getting looser. I’ve managed to squeeze myself back into my pre maternity leggings; no doubt they’re see through but I’m in them!

The first image below was taken about 12 hours after I delivered Elsie. Despite having been through child birth twice prior to this, I still felt shocked at what I had been left with.  The subsequent photos are 1 and 3 weeks postpartum (not sure where week 2 went).  I still have over a stone to lose before I’m somewhere close to where I want to be but it’s going in the right direction and I now feel well enough to start exercising; I’ve even been considering a run!

post baby body

However, if you’re reading this and are pregnant for the first time please do not despair. After my first baby I got in the best shape of my life after dropping 47lbs thanks to WeightWatchers!


Another week, another pregnancy update! It’s getting scarily close now and the labour anxiety has definitely set in.

I had my 36 week midwife appointment yesterday (Monday) and I was given the birth units telephone number, a pack of information about potential signs of labour and a ‘how to care for your stitches’ leaflet – talk about scaremongering!  I had stitches with my first born and it’s not an experience I wish to repeat.

The appointment went well, she came to my house which is unusual and she carried out all the normal checks.  My blood pressure seems to have come back down to a ‘normal’ level i.e. not 145/90 but more like 117/74.  It’s been much better since finishing work – coincidence?? I think not!  The bump is measuring 36cm so I guess baby girl is packing the weight on as expected – she should be around 6lbs now and continue to gain around 1/2lb a week until delivery.  Baby’s heartbeat was around the 144bpm mark – similar to where it’s been throughout the pregnancy so I’m content she’s happy in there.

The ‘signs’ I was experiencing last week have all died down, baby is not engaged yet and I’ve certainly not had anything like my mucus plug yet so I guess I was just experiencing normal third trimester symptoms.  I’ve actually been feeling pretty good this week – a little tired but generally a-ok!

My hospital bag is all packed and I feel quite ready for baby to come now albeit I’m starting to feel more patient for baby’s arrival then I have been…..I think the reality of life with a newborn is setting in and I’m thinking actually I quite like sleep!

My thoughts are definitely turning to getting fit and eating better.  I am sooo ready to say goodbye to these thunder thighs and bingo wings.  I bought Matt a Fitbit for his birthday and also treated myself to one too so we can spur each other on once the baby is here to get a little fitter.  I also bought the Joe Wicks Lean in 15 book – the good intentions are there!  I’m yet to make any of the recipes from it but that will change tomorrow as I am going to rustle up the kedgeree for myself as Matt is off horse racing for the evening.  I’ll try and remember to Instagram the dish before I gobble it up.

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36 weeks pregnant






Welcome to my 29 week pregnancy update!

It’s funny, when I’m sat working or just watching TV I think to myself how slowly time appears to be going. Then I come online to write another update and I can see quite clearly how time is actually flying by. I’m almost at the start of the end, i.e. the 30 week countdown, and I can’t quite believe it. I’ve been itching to pack my hospital bag since week 24 and now I am actually at the point where I can begin washing the tiny clothes I intend to pack and checking I have everything baby and I will need. Basically shits getting real.

So far, the muslin cloths are the only things to have made it through the wash. I’m having an internal argument with myself about whether I need to iron them or not.  I’m thinking I might just leave them and fold them as neatly as I can – they’re lovely and soft from the wash and who wants a stiff muslin cloth anyway!?

Another exciting addition has also been made to the nursery.  My parents very kindly offered to buy the moses basket for baby and it arrived over the weekend. Matt still needs to put the rocking stand together but I couldn’t help but coo and stroke the basket and imagine the small person who will soon be staring/crying back at me from inside it. It’s totally neutral should any more babies come along after this one…….only joking Matt!

Baby is the size of a pineapple this week and don’t I know about it.  I feel her legs in the top right corner of my bump and I feel the pressure of her tiny head on my bladder frequently. I don’t need a midwife to tell me she is definitely head down.  My bump doesn’t feel huge considering I am 29 weeks pregnant however I did get a few gasps over the weekend when I wore a tight fitting top. Time to lay off the cake.

Other symptoms from the last week include restless legs, more headaches, intense thirst, hunger and tiredness.  I can feel that totally worn out tiredness of the first trimester creeping back.  You know that feeling when you wake up after eight hours sleep and feel like you haven’t slept for a week. I guess I need to psyche myself up for feeling like this often! I have been sleeping fairly well considering, but I seem to need a few more hours come 6:30am when Florence strolls in. I have been having very vivid dreams including a dream in which I gave birth exactly as planned in the birthing pool. I was a bit disappointed come the morning that it had all been a dream.

I know some people have specific headings or questions for these updates to prompt them but I prefer to just bash my stream of consciousness into text as it comes to me.

I’ll leave you with my 29 week bump shot.  I can see looking at the photos that my bump isn’t on the large side so I’m thinking this little cherub is going to be another 7.5lber.  What do you think baby’s weight will be?

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29 weeks pregnant

29 weeks pregnant bump