elsie 10 months old

I still remember the evening I went into labour with Elsie like it was yesterday yet here I am about to write all about Elsie as she turns 10 months old.

In the last few months it feels like she has changed from a baby to….well, not a toddler but something in between. She cruises along furniture like a pro (and has been for at least a month), she almost has six teeth and she eats a roast dinner better than most kids five years older than her. I’m so proud of the little person she’s becoming. The giggles are more frequent and she can now wave when she hears people say “hello” or “goodbye” – especially the Teletubbies. They hold a special place in Elsie’s heart and when we’re having a bit of a meltdown naughty noo-noo and the gang seem to sort it out!

Poor little Elsie was quite ill last week; conjunctivitis, high temperature, chesty cough and nose streaming like a tap. It turned out to be a viral infection which cleared up on it’s own but it was a tough old week with multiple night time wake ups and all the Olbas oil.

Waking up in the nighttime is still pretty common unfortunately. Once, usually twice, a night we have crying. A few ounces of milk seems to do the trick unless it’s quite close to 6am in which case she’s up for the day. I’d be reluctant to give her milk at night in case it becomes a habit but as she eats so well in the day she doesn’t really drink milk between meals so I need her to have it at night at least!

She’s pretty big for her age and we’re in 12-18mth clothing – especially in trousers as she does have a good set of thighs on her!

elsie 10 month update

I’ve been watching her a lot this month and she is getting more and more interested in what her sister and brother are doing. She loves a bit of rough and tumble on the floor and will throw herself over Florence and giggle as they roll around together. Daddy’s got a special place in Florence’s heart too and she crawls over to him as soon as she hears the front door open when het gets home from work. He scoops her up and she places her head on his shoulder for the longest of cuddles. I do feel a really strong bond with Elsie, and I think Matt does too. I guess that’s because I stay home with her instead of going out to work as I did with the other kids. Or maybe it’s just because we’re more relaxed.

I can’t believe we’re steaming towards her first birthday – it’s been a whirlwind of a year and I’m so excited to see what she makes of her little sister in just a few months time.

Elsie at 8 months old.



I’ve not written an update on little Elsie since she was 5 months old and that’s mainly because I’ve been feeling rotten. It’s been a season of illness in our house and along with being pregnant I’ve not really felt like putting finger to keyboard. However, reading back over Elsie’s 5 month update I realise how much she’s changed and I really want to document all these little moments.

Elsie is now a fully fledged crawler and is desperately trying to stand up. Her curiosity knows no bounds; she’s pulling herself up on furniture, putting everything in her mouth and obsessed with cables, phones and laptops (another reason I’m getting zero blogging done).

It’s been a long time coming but I think we have a first tooth on the horizon too; her bottom gum has a couple of little white specks where the tooth has just broken the skin and we’ve had some horrendous nights to go along with it.

Speaking of sleep; Elsie is still loving a milk or two during the night. I’m hoping, now she’s on three good meals ( + snacks) and crawling, that she’ll start sleeping for longer periods. She’s also loving waking up pre 6am! It’s slightly irritating for Matt and I as it’s like waking up half hour before your alarm everyday but the real problem is that it wakes Florence and Logan up too. Florence is already shattered from school and usually she’d wake up 6:30-7am but recently she’s been wandering into our room at 5:50am.

I’ve had the letter come through to book her 9-12 month review which, in a weird way, I’m looking forward too. I think our little girl is doing brilliantly and I hope the health visitor agrees. Obviously I’m no expert so they might spot something I haven’t but fingers crossed she’s doing well.

As I mentioned earlier, Elsie is now on three meals a day plus the odd snack or milk in between. Her milks during the day are hit and miss depending on when she naps and her naps are hit and miss depending on whether she sleeps in the car on the school run. Everyday’s a little bit different. Elsie’s favourite foods are….everything. I’m yet to come across something she won’t eat. She loves homemade lasagne and pasta dishes but is equally as happy to scoff an Ella’s Kitchen pouch. She loves to gnaw on pear and cucumber and feed herself but she’ll also be spoon fed if needed.

I’m so excited to see you learn and develop your own personality – we can already tell you’ve got a temper on you! You’re learning so fast too; you move your arms to help me get you out of your car seat and when I say “Elsie, no” you just grin at me and carry on!

Anyway – I’d better get this posted otherwise you’ll be nine months before we know it. Love you little one x

elsie at christmas, first christmas

weaning, happy baby


I think I say this every month but this really has been a month of firsts for little Elsie. I’m not sure where the time is disappearing to but my baby is changing in front of my eyes. She’s doesn’t feel like a baby anymore. We’re getting to know her and her little nuances. I recognise when she’s tired or hungry and I know what will comfort her. She’s a little person now and I can almost see the thoughts whizzing through her mind.


So firsts this month for little Elsie were;

1. First holiday – Elsie took a road trip to Cornwall for our first holiday as a family of five.

2. First boat ride – whilst in Cornwall we took a boat from Padstow to Rock. It was only a 2-3 minute journey but Elsie and the other kids loved it!

3. First aeroplane ride – she was as good as gold and fell asleep during take off and landing. We even had comments from people saying they couldn’t believe how well behaved she was.

4. First giggles whilst we were in Cornwall

That’s quite a list for someone so small!

Elsie is slowly getting to grips with her hands. If you hold something out in front of her she will slowly and shakily raise her hands up to grasp it and try and ram it into her mouth. I bought a few new small, hand held teether type toys to help her practice. Likewise when you lay her on her back she will roll into a ball and grab her toes and then start trying to roll on to her side.  I can’t explain how much I don’t want her to start moving – that’s when all the trouble begins!

I think during my last update Elsie was in a solid two feeds a night routine.  Well that’s gone completely out of the window and she could wake three times plus every night. Some nights its just twice but thats rare at the moment! My bedside table is awash with bottles in the morning.  I hear there is some kind of four month regression so perhaps that’s the cause of all these unsettled nights.  She’s generally pretty happy with it though and during the day it’s a play, feed, sleep cycle.

Elsie is certainly putting on weight as we have almost outgrown 3-6mth clothing. Well, she has outgrown some brands but annoyingly she is still too small for 6-9 mths so it’s either toe curlingly tight or she’s got acres of material hanging off her arms and legs.  I’m tempted to cut the toes off some of her sleep suits!

We bought a jumperoo this month and at first she wasn’t sure and perhaps a bit too small for it but she seems to have got the hang of it now and reaches out for the toys and bounces. I know it seems a bit young to have her in one but she is great at holding her head up and she just seemed to be getting bored and wanted to be stood up all the time.

I think that’s all I have to say about her this month.  It’s going to be lovely spending more time dedicated to playing with Elsie now Flo is at school and I am so excited to start weaning!



Elsie, you have changed so very much since your one month update. You are no longer newborn, in my eyes, it feels as if you have been here forever. I have to remind myself that you are only just a little over 8 weeks old.

When your eyes are open they are deep blue and beautifully shiny. When they are shut I am so incredibly happy! Joke!! You rarely sleep in the day. Much like your sister, you seem to prefer a cat nap to a long sleep. Perhaps that will change as you grow.

elsie sleeping

The last month has seen some big changes in your little world. We put you down in your Moses basket awake for the first time and you actually settled yourself. You fell asleep within minutes. I can’t begin to explain how ecstatic your Dad and I were! What’s more, a few nights later we decided to try you in the cot as you’re rapidly outgrowing your basket. Again, success! You were asleep within 30mins and I was nowhere to be seen although we did have Florence’s teddy playing music to you.

Your sleep pattern at night is still erratic. Sometimes you will have a good 4-5 hour stint but then other times you’re awake within 2 hours of us putting you down to sleep. It’s exhausting but I’m kind of in the groove now and seem to be able to manage whatever you chuck at me on the sleep front. Just please, for the love of God, do not get sick! That would tip me over the edge for sure.

This month we have had our final visit from the health visitor and your were around 11lbs 12ozs at 6.5wks which put you above the 75th percentile. At this rate you’ll be stealing your sisters clothes in no time!  We’ve also had lots of trips out now your sister has finished pre-school; we’ve been to numerous parks, splash pads and you were there when you sister visited ‘big’ school for the first time.

worcester park, elsie

As well as plenty of food going in we have plenty coming out. Month 2 has been the month of poonamis! We’ve thrown out clothes and dunked you in the bath just to wash the poo off! How does so much poo come out of someone so small?!

Finally you’ve been grinning like there’s no tomorrow. It’s definitely not wind as you save all your best smiles for when Daddy, Florence, Logan or I speak to you; especially first thing in the morning. You copy me when I poke my tongue out and if someone chats to you, you try your best to coo and gurgle back.

elsie smiling

You’re going from strength to strength.  Unfortunately you have your first immunisations on Friday! More about that in the next update.