Squirrel Play Wooden Musical Tap Bench Review

squirrel play

With four kids we’ve had just about every toy under the sun and seen all there is to see when it comes to toys. Some toys come and go but the ones that always seem to stand the test of time are the simple toys, the classic toys and the ones made from wood.

We were recently asked if we’d like to review a toy from Squirrel Play and I must admit I had to Google the brand as I’d never heard of them – kind of shocking when I think about how many times I’ve been frogmarched around Smyths Toys!

There are some beautiful toys in the Squirrel Play range including all the classics such as a wooden train set and sorting cube as well as some more unique pieces such as a Noah’s Ark set and airport.

We were very kindly sent the Wooden Musical Tap Bench which comes with a removable xylophone and so far it’s been a massive hit! My youngest girls are now 14 months and 2 years and 4 months and they’ve both been enjoying it in different ways.

Mabel likes to bang away at the xylophone listening to the different notes and she’s also quite keen on chasing the balls around the kitchen after Elsie has banged them through the holes with the hammer provided. Elsie’s a lot more careful when she plays and always likes to have the balls placed on their corresponding coloured holes.

I like that the xylophone stows neatly inside the wooden frame as it helps keep the toy in one piece and can be packed away neatly however it also acts as a ramp for the balls to roll down when they’re hit through the holes. The xylophone itself helps promote hand-eye coordination as well as being a great tool for learning the names of colours – something we’re currently working on with Elsie.

I was surprised at how affordable the Squirrel Play range was – I always think of wooden toys as being a little more premium than a plastic toy. The Wooden Musical Tap Bench retails at £14.99 which, in my opinion, is good value for money as your effectively getting two different toys in one and with it being wooden you’re going to get longevity too. It would make a super gift for someone. The rest of the Squirrel Play range is equally as affordable with many items priced at less than £10.





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