Review: L.O.L. Surprise Hair Goals

We were recently asked if we’d like to review some L.O.L. Surprise Hair Goals products and with 3 and 6 year old girls in the house I knew the answer had to be a resounding YES!

Florence and Elsie are obsessed with L.O.L….anything….dolls, trading cards, stickers, drinks bottles….you name it, we’ve got it. But, what we don’t have are any of the Hair Goals series.

So the basic premise of the Hair Goals range is that the L.O.L. Surprise dolls have had a makeover and now have real hair. Within the range there are 10 standard dolls with real hair as well as two rare glitterati dolls to collect.

The Hair Goals range comes in similar packaging to the original L.O.L. Surprise dolls in that there are several layers of wrapping to reveal, in this case, 15 surprises. The 15 surprises consist of; (1) magic mirror; (2) secret message; (3) hair barrette stickers; (4) salon chair; (5) hair curlers; (6) comb; (7) bottle; (8) fashion accessory; (9-12) mystery disguise; (13) outfit; (14) shoes and (15) L.O.L. Surprise! Hair Goals doll.

The girls were so excited to get their dolls open and see who they’d got inside. Elsie needed a little bit of help opening some of the surprises but she was happy enough to let Florence help her. Bit by bit the girls revealed their surprises and one of Florence’s favourite parts about L.O.L. Surprise dolls is the secret message or clue about which doll is hidden inside as she loves to try and crack it before the big reveal! That’s the competitive streak in her coming out!

It wasn’t long before the dolls had been opened and Florence noticed Elsie’s doll came in gold packaging. It turns out that Elsie actually got one of the ‘rare’ dolls from the Glitterati series which was smothered in glitter.

Florence’s was a common doll however hers had real hair (unlike Elsie’s) so she was happy and proceeded to preen and style her.

We’re building quite the collection of L.O.L. dolls now and I quite like that the girls enjoy collecting something. I used to collect random stuff when I was younger and so it’s quite sweet to see them enjoying collecting too. The girls also enjoy interchanging their different dolls clothes and accessories and creating their own characters. They’ll then disappear off to their bedrooms for hours on end and play ‘schools’ or something similar. I quite often find L.O.L. dolls in the car too as the girls like to take them along for adventures with us during the weekends.

lol hair goals


*We were kindly sent these products for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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