National Sister Day with Baby Born

national sister day

Sometimes¬†things happen for a reason and this week we received a perfectly timed email. Sunday 6th August is ‘National Sister Day’ and I can’t think of a better campaign for us to promote when Florence and Elsie’s sister, Mabel, was born just days ago. As a mum of three girls and a sister I thought it was a lovely day to share awareness of.

I asked Florence what she loved about her sisters and she replied;

¬†“I love Elsie when she tries to chase me and I love Mabel because she’s cute!”

To celebrate National Sister Day we were sent a Baby Born Sister Doll from Zapf Creations and the girls, especially Florence, have fallen in love with her and she’s now known as Isabelle!

baby born sister

baby bornWe unpackaged Isabelle as soon as she arrived and was immediately impressed with the size of the doll (43cm) and the fact her knees bend so she can be placed in various sitting or standing positions. Florence has never really had a proper doll with interchangeable clothes and accessories. Isabelle’s hair is lovely and long and we all enjoyed doing a few hair styles in it with the clips and brushes provided. I thought it was rather cute that the brush resembles a Tangle Teezer which is what we use on the girls hair everyday so they felt like they were using the same as mummy. It was so sweet to watch Florence preen and care for the doll.


The Baby Born Sister Doll also comes with a bottle so she can drink and cry tears – just like a real baby. It has been nice for Florence and Elsie to have a baby to play with whilst I’m caring for their new baby sister, Mabel – I think they enjoy mimicking how I hold Mabel and how I speak to her. The doll is also suitable for use in the bath and I was surprised to see she came out looking just as good as she did when she went in. All too often these dolls look slightly disheveled after their first dunk in water.

As I mentioned previously the clothes the doll are wearing are interchangeable with the entire Baby Born range so I’m excited to take Florence and Elsie to the toy shop and let them choose another new outfit for Isabelle. The doll also comes with a set of matching bracelets – one for Isabelle to wear and one Florence could wear – she loved that they matched!

national sister day

The Baby Born Sister doll is a lovely present for any child but I think it would make a fantastic gift if your little one is about to become a big sister for the first time.



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