Getting Creative with BIC KIDS*

When it comes to stationery I’m a complete sucker. From a mundane office highlighter to a flamingo shaped sticky note – I love them all and it would appear Florence does as well. We recently received her end of year school report (she’s just finished Reception) and it highlighted how she loves to be creative using different mediums to create amazing works of art. I was thrilled to read this as I loved art at school and I’m not too bad at drawing given the time.

We were recently asked if we’d like to test out some of BIC KIDS kids colouring range and I absolutely jumped at the chance. We were sent BIC KIDS Kid Couleur felt pens, BIC KIDS Evolution Evolutions colouring pencils and BIC KIDS Plastidecor crayons.

bic kids stationery

Each product has its own benefits; for example we loved the Plastidecor crayons as the colour pay off was great but they’re also suitable for little hands and resistant to breakage. They make very little mess and can be sharpened. Elsie and I had a go using these (she’s below the recommended age but I did supervise) and she loved mark making on the paper and generally picking each crayon up and looking at it in great detail. I repeated the colours to her and she seemed really interested. I drew simple shapes and things like faces and when I remarked it was ‘daddy’ she smiled.

bic kids

The colouring pencils were probably my favourite as I love to shade and blend colours to create depth in a drawing. These particular colour pencils were splinter free and the leads seemed strong and durable.

Florence chose to use all three styles of colouring pen/pencil/crayon and she enjoyed them all. I’ve been watching her sat at the table with the colours for the last few days and she loves to just play with them and organise them and every so often she’ll come up with a question like ‘what’s the difference between indigo and violet?’ or ‘why doesn’t the crayon draw on my hand but the felt does?’ It’s amazing to see her thinking of these questions on her own and being interested enough to ask for the answer.

bic kids

Florence has drawn a few (million) pictures over the last few days but we’re submitting this one for the competition being run between Mumsnet and BIC KIDS which celebrates kids creativity. Ten lucky winners will have their artwork displayed on billboards across the nation. Entry is simple…take a picture of your childs artwork and upload it to the Mumsnet discussion page by Sunday 6th August.



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