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It’s no secret that my fourth pregnancy with Mabel was probably my worst pregnancy. Not only did I already have three children to run around after but my body, particularly my back, seemed to be giving up on me. Turning over in bed, standing up and bending over all became impossible as I reached the third trimester.

In terms of medication it can be difficult to know what you can and cannot use safely during pregnancy and I found that paracetamol didn’t really touch the muscular aches and pains. Luckily I stumbled upon Deep Freeze products and found them to be a real life saver. Even postpartum I still feel the benefit of the products whilst my body is readjusting to life without a mini human inside me.

By applying one of the Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patches you can carry on with day to day life with the benefit of Cold Therapy relief which works like ice (but without the mess). I used to use a hot water bottle, as that’s all I had and knew was safe, but it didn’t target the pain like these patches do. The cooling effect of the patch provides almost instant relief from muscular and joint pains and lasts up to three hours – perfect for a busy (pregnant) mum!

In┬áthe weeks following pregnancy your body can feel like it has been hit by a bus; everything aches and your insides feel like they’re moving house. Popping on some of the Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Gel or a patch has provided just the kind of relief I needed and has enabled me to get on with being a mum. I can slip a patch into my handbag, there’s no mess, and I know that back ache or joint pain won’t be an issue.

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