The first trimester – weeks 6-8

Gooooood morning lovely people and welcome to my ‘The First Trimester – weeks 6-8’ pregnancy update!

Today, I am 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant *mini fist pump*! These updates are a bit tricky to write as I want to update you all on what’s happening now but I have to write it retrospectively otherwise it just won’t make sense!  I’ll be updating at the end of every two weeks as I just won’t have the time to do a weekly post.

The last two weeks have been difficult to say the least.  The nausea and sickness from weeks 4-6 carried over and I have spent the last two weeks feeling pretty grim.  I still haven’t been sick but there have been a couple of occasions when my mouth is just like filling with saliva and I know I need to stop whatever it is I’m doing that’s making me feel so darn horrendous.  I usually feel the worst when I eat something my tummy doesn’t agree with or during the evenings.  So much for morning sickness eh?  It must be getting better though as I don’t find myself reaching for ginger biscuits or ginger ale first thing in the morning.

To top things off the exhaustion has reached new heights – there was me saying it wasn’t too bad last week!  Funnily enough it was week 7 that it really hit me with Florence and this pregnancy appears to be following the same pattern.  I’m ready for bed at 3pm and I sit wondering, for a few minutes, how the hell I’m going to get myself through to 9pm.  It’s like I have to give myself a little pep talk everyday to see me through.

My body feels like it’s been taken over.  My boobs are still sore – even the bloody shower water hurts them! My hips ache in bed, my waist has disappeared and my nails are growing like wild fire.  This will, hopefully, be my third successful pregnancy and I just can’t believe I’ve done this twice before.  It’s so bloody hard. I’m wearing some maternity wear – my New Look maternity jeans (under bump) are getting a good work out and a couple of maternity tops from H&M have been a God send.  I’ve also bought a couple of maternity bras which Matt reckons look too big for my boobs but I think he’s just used to seeing them in bras which have become very small, very quickly! The bras are not underwired and it’s about as close to not wearing a bra as I can get.  My bump isn’t really bump.  It’s a thick mid-rift at best. I definitely get the ‘full’ feeling very quickly when I eat though so I think our baby is pushing everything up a little and so I doubt it will be long before things are looking more bump like.

Food aversions
I still don’t fancy curry or anything garlicky.  Anything with a really strong flavour makes me heave a little.  Plain foods such as jacket potatoes, pasta and toast are still a favourite but I feel bad for the family.  I’m struggling with dinner making and ordering food as vegetables and anything remotely healthy just doesn’t appeal.  I know their tastes haven’t changed but it’s usually me that cooks.  I’m pretty sure everyone’s getting sick of pizza, pasta, chips, mash or beans!  I used to guzzle 3/4 cups of coffee a day and now I barely manage one – it just doesn’t appeal to me.  I still have caffeinated coffee as I drink so little of it and I hope it might keep me going just that little bit longer.  I have been drinking squash, fizzy water and caffeine free coke….oh and lots of orange juice too.  This is the only thing I manage to consume which is vaguely healthy.

In other news…..some exciting stuff has been happening at home.  We have two new residents… Smoky and Bandit….


Our old cat, Monty, went missing about a month ago now and we miss him a lot, these two have settled in perfectly. If Monty does show up he might be a little perturbed but I guess they will have to learn to get a long

If you don’t know we recently bought a new house and have been doing bits to it over the weeks.  This week we got all the blinds fitted by Hillarys and we love them – it’s even made Florence sleep in until 7:30am so were definitely worth the pretty penny!  Next week the new sofa is coming, I have my booking in appointment with the midwife and we have an early dating scan booked.  You may have seen the 9 week scan picture on my instagram already as I am a little late with this update!  The next update will be weeks 8-10 and will discuss the dating scan in more detail and what happened at my booking in appointment.  You’ll also get a sneaky peek at our new sofa!

So I’ll leave you with a ‘bump shot’ – 7 weeks and 6 days….sorry about the rubbish quality of the image – it was last thing at night and I was using my iPhone.



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