The first trimester – weeks 4-6

Sorry this is a little late – I’ve been feeling rotten.  I really want to track my pregnancy here, on my blog.  This post will cover from weeks 4-6.

I found out I was pregnant when I was 4+5 weeks.  Since about 5 weeks I have been feeling absolutely dreadful.  The nausea and ‘hit by a bus’ feeling was first followed by tiredness and boobs that felt like they’d done ten rounds with Tyson.

I’ve not been physically sick but the nauseous feeling is with me 90% of the day.  Relieved, temporarily by some kind of carbohydrate or sweet snack.  Every day I would fancy something else and the next day I’d be completely off the one thing I wanted the previous day.  I first noticed nausea the day after I got a positive result.  I was cooking cheese and ham on toast and the smell of melted cheese just made me feel so sick.  Since then it’s just got worse and worse until the point I’m at now (seven weeks pregnant) where I have to wear the sickness wrist bands that press on a certain point in your wrist to relieve the nauseous feeling.  Thankfully they seem to be helping.  I still find I need something in my tummy constantly otherwise I get that horrid swishy, swashy feeling again.

To be fair I’ve not been too bad. Some days are worse than others. I did have a three hour nap the other day which is most unlike me.  I’ve been staying up until 9-10pm which I’d not been expecting.  I had visions of jumping into bed at 7:30pm.  Maybe it’s still early days and that will hit me in the next few weeks.  The mornings are when I seem to feel worse.  I wake up and literally feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.  Heads all fuzzy, hips ache, tummy’s doing the hoke cokey and I feel physically glued to the bed.

Well I think Matt thinks all his birthdays have come at once.  That is until I tell him he can’t come within three feet of my chest.  For some reason, during this pregnancy, all my symptoms seem to be a bit more exaggerated then I remember them being.  When I take my bra off in the evening I expect to see bruises all over my boobs as that’s how they feel.  I’m going to go and by some sleep bras this week as I need something more comfortable and I’m bursting out of everything else.  Florence and I like to snuggle on the sofa before she goes to bed but she’s been elbowing me in all the wrong places.

I got the worst headaches between weeks 4-5. It was only when I realised I was pregnant that I knew why I was getting them.  The headaches seem to have been replaced with nausea now.  I’m not sure what’s worse.  I’ve been taking paracetamol whenever I get one and that usually does the trick.

Food aversions
I’ve gone off a lot of the food I previously enjoyed.  Last Sunday Matt made us a roast dinner and all I could manage were three potatoes.  Everyone who knows me knows I love a massive roast dinner!  I’ve also been off coffee, garlicky or herby foods and vegetables.  I’ve also been unable to eat the portions I was previously demolishing (which might be a good thing).  I can only attribute it to the fact I’m grazing all day.  I feel starving by dinner time but there only seems to be a small space for food available.

I spoke to the midwife yesterday and she’s arranged to come to our house to do the initial booking in appointment on 20th October.  I think then, once I have my notes, it will feel real.  I’m expecting to get my 12 week scan letter through the post in the next couple of weeks and we’ve opted to have the Downs Syndrome testing as we have with the other two children.  I don’t know what we’d do if it were high risk but I’d rather be armed with all the information I can to enable us to be ready for whatever comes our way.

If you want to read what happened at our early scan click here.



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