Second Trimester – Weeks 16-18

Starting to wonder whether I am pregnant or just fat.  Weeks 16-18 have been really, really uneventful.  I’ve had a stinking cold which completely knocked me for six, only just starting to feel human again and, at 18+3, I am still waiting for the little bean to make it’s presence known in the form of some kind of movement.  I’ve had a lot of reassurance from my virtual buddies that all is fine and that movement, even after the 1st baby, shouldn’t really be expected until after 20 weeks.  I really do think I may have an anterior placenta, nothing was mentioned during my 12 week scan so perhaps everything was just a bit on the small side still and finding its home.  We have our 20 week scan on 5th January so I shall be holding my breath until I hear that little heartbeat.  I do worry as my body seemingly held on to the baby we lost in the Summer for around three weeks before I realised I was miscarrying.  Early in week 16 I had what I can only describe as a Braxton Hicks contraction.  It lasted seconds really but my whole tummy went rock hard and was followed up with a dose of back ache.  Vivid memories of labour came flooding back.  Can’t wait to do that again!

In other news, my appetite seems to have returned to normal – I’ve even eaten fruit this week which has been a no-go for the past 12 weeks!

If you’re a bit of a prude then you might want to click elsewhere (on my site of course) but I have been suffering with bladder weakness.  There you go, I said it.  I watched a vlog this morning by Kerry Dyer in which she mentioned it as being one of her symptoms and it made me remember to write about it in my update.  No-one really wants to discuss it but it does happen.  I’m on my third pregnancy now and things don’t work as well as they used to.  I’ve been rubbish at doing my pelvic floor exercises so it’s my own fault.

It’s a good job Matts been busy at work recently.  I’ve been an emotional wreck.  During weeks 16-18 I attended both Logan’s and Florence’s nativities.  I’ve been to two of Logan’s before so knew I would need a tissue but as Florence is now in pre-school this was the first year she’s done one and as soon as I walked in the room and saw here there, dressed as an angel, I burst out crying.  Everyone must have been wondering what was wrong with the weird pregnant lady in the corner!

Finally, I’ve got to mention sweat.  The baby must be cold as she seems to have turned the central heating up a few hundred degrees.  I’ve been really hot the last few weeks.  The mild weather isn’t helping either.  I’m usually in a vest top and shorts as soon as I get home as I can’t bare anything long sleeved.  Night times are pretty irritating too, having to flap my leg out the covers and wriggle and jiggle into a comfy position.

I feel like I’m getting into the moany pregnant stage.  Actually I’ve been in that stage for 12 weeks now, but the stage where I just can’t get comfortable.  Either my back aches, I’m too hot, I’m desperate for a pee or I’m just plain tired!

Roll on 2016 I say!




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