Mum to Be Evening Routine

Our evenings start around 5pm when the kids sit down for their dinner. The run up to dinner time is my least favourite time of the day. The kids are hungry and tired and I’m not too far behind them! The next hour is spent coaxing them to eat their veggies or picking up the ten million peas Elsie has fired across the room from her high chair. I can’t bare to leave the kitchen messy following dinner so, if the kids are happy playing (and I have the energy), I’ll load the dishwasher, wash up anything that needs it, wipe the surfaces and sometimes vacuum.


By 6pm I’m beginning to think about getting the girls in the bath. It’s the final chore before bedtime and I have to really dig deep to muster the energy for this. Matt usually arrives home not long after 6pm and when he does it’s my turn to get showered and take a little break from being mum. This time of the day then suddenly goes from being the worst to the best! It’s like I get a mini trip to the spa and I’m only in my bathroom. Being a parent really does make you appreciate the smallest of treats!

colief cuddle dry

Whilst the girls are bathing I’ll take a lovely cool shower. Usually I’d prefer a really hot shower but pregnancy has made my skin very itchy and I find the cool water much more soothing. I wash my hair with my favourite products and cleanse my face. I might even treat myself to a face mask if I’m feeling extravagant!

It’s a real treat being able to get myself dried and dressed in my own time. I make the most of it by slathering myself in moisturiser and just lying on the bed letting it soak in whilst wrapped in my favourite fluffy white towel. I’ve been using Colief’s Mum To Be Moisturising Cream and it’s lovely. It’s thick but it soaks in very quickly.


My skin is so dry and stretched, especially on my tummy, that I can almost hear my skin breathing a sigh of relief as I apply it. I use the Colief Mum to Be Cream all over my body – particular on my tummy, hips, chest, thighs and bum. I love the smell of the product and it’s thick enough to feel like a treat but not so thick that it sits on top of the skin. I’m planning on continuing to use it through the weeks following my birth as well to help my skin recover as it’s packed with pro-Vitamin B5 – a natural skin healer. Colief’s Mum to Be Moisturising Cream is stocked in Boots stores nationwide.


It’s almost 6:45pm and soon I can hear Matt getting the girls ready for bed and I leave the sanctuary of my bedroom and go to help. We take one child each at the moment so, when we have another little one join the family in a matter of days, this could become a little trickier. Thankfully the girls are fantastic sleepers (touch wood) and we’re able to head down for our own dinner and a little bit of adult time. Adult time usually means soap operas or Netflix, some good food and chatting about work!


By 9pm we’re thinking about bed. We’re trying to cram as much sleep in now as we know this particular luxury¬†will soon be taken away from us!






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