Bump watch – six weeks pregnant

Bump watch – six weeks pregnant – I started week 6 with my first midwife appointment at my local GP surgery which turned out to be a complete let down. I was greeted by a lady who I recognised to be the relief midwife when the usual one is away, straight away I was a bit gutted as I knew the usual one was really lovely.

The midwife asked a few questions about me and was filling in a piece of paper as she went.  I explained my concerns about having PCOS and pregnancy and also my thyroid problem and how we’d been trying for 18 months but she didn’t seem to bat an eye and it made me feel a little silly for asking. I know she sees and hears these things every day but, to me, this pregnancy is important and these early stages a concern.  After a bit of pen pushing she had a quick look around the room and said she didn’t have any maternity notes for me – again I was a bit gutted as that’s all part of the reason you go to the ‘booking appointment’.  The front page of the notes usually has all the contact numbers for the community midwives and also the local hospital should I need it.  The midwife promised to post them out to me the next day (Thursday 30th July) – they still haven’t arrived.  Big thumbs down so far.  The appointment concluded with a few blood tests and she also had a quick feel of my tum and said I’m certainly not more than 12 weeks but could be 2/3 weeks more than I think.  Whaaaaaat? She seemed so blasé about it! No mention of an early scan or anything. Gutted.  That was the end of the appointment, she did say that she would come back and see me on Monday 3rd August to complete the notes and finish the appointment at my home.

Within 20 minutes I was in and out – not a Bounty pack in sight.  The GP told me to allow at least 40 minutes and so I had arranged child care for Florence.

As the week went on I couldn’t help but worry about the baby, was it developing in the right place, was I only 6 weeks and was there a heartbeat?  After so long trying I just need that reassurance and so I have booked an early scan at Hello Baby in Cheltenham for Wednesday 5th August when I will be 7 weeks.  We shall see what the scan dates me at – I’ll add a post on Wednesday to update you all on how it went.

My symptoms this week have been as follows:

– Tiredness – it’s certainly hit me this week and by 3pm I am ready for a nap, although that can’t really happen as I have to work and look after Florence.  We spent the weekend preparing to move house which meant a bit of packing and lifting.  Although I am trying to take it easy, it’s hard to just sit and watch.

– Boobs – still very tender and sore, keep back Matt!

– Food – no cravings or aversions but I seem to struggle with large meals and prefer to eat little and often.

– Peeing – still going a lot, just waking once in the night at the moment.

– Weight – my weight at my booking in appointment was the same as it was back in February so I haven’t really gained anything but I have definitely changed shape.  I think cutting out all alcohol caused me to lose a few pounds in the last few weeks which has been replaced with baby bloat and actual baby!

Today is Monday 3rd August and the midwife was due to be here at 10am to complete the maternity notes that never arrived.  It’s now 11am and she hasn’t arrived.  Not a great start, I don’t even have the community midwifes number to ring to see where she is. Grrrrr!!!

Anyway – here is the week 6 bump shot…..and if you missed week 5 you can read it here.

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  1. August 3, 2015 / 12:06 pm

    I had a thousand and one midwives just like that. It seemed like they never listened or at least never replied to my questions or concerns. When my waters broke (with no other labour symptoms) I remember there being loads of blood, but no one else seemed to think this was abnormal or worrying. I wonder if they do listen but just don’t reply if they think it’s not a problem.. although I wish they’d have said that to me at least- I like to think I have a grip on what’s happening!
    Here’s hoping your scan goes well 🙂 x

    • admin
      August 3, 2015 / 1:50 pm

      Thanks Donna. Gosh, that sounds scary! I just had such a lovely pregnancy and birth with Florence I really want this one to follow suit but already I feel like it’s getting off to a bad start. The midwife did eventually turn up – an hour and a half late as the lady that was supposed to be coming called in sick. I’m so excited for the scan but nervous at the same time. I saw one magpie this morning which made me a little worried! x

  2. August 4, 2015 / 4:45 am

    how disappointing! I saw a different midwife every week with Indiana but luckily this time was much better. Good luck with the scan! Xx

    • admin
      August 4, 2015 / 7:39 am

      Thanks Emily! I have been enjoying going back through your pregnancy vlogs. Come on baby – we all want to meet you! Best wishes for a speedy and safe birth x

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