Bump watch – five weeks pregnant

I’m STILL pinching myself and wondering whether this is all a dream.  According to my dates I am 5+5 weeks pregnant and have been having symptoms for a while albeit I didn’t know that some of them were symptoms of pregnancy until I took all those tests!  Throughout the last 18 months whilst we have been trying to conceive I have loved reading other peoples bump updates and learning about all their early symptoms, in hopes that some of them might sound familiar.

I’m going to keep these updates fairly short and to the point by using a list format.  If you have any questions just jot them down in the comments as I always respond.  These symptoms are ones I have had since just before I took the test on 20th July up until today:

– Backache – feels like I am due a period.  It only ever lasts an hour or so and even then just when I sit or stand in certain positions.  If you’ve had kids it also feels like very early labour.

– Diahorrea – TMI but yes, I had diahorrea a day or two before I got my positive and I attributed it to something I ate.  It lasted a few days but now I’ve gone the other way….

– Constipation – if it’s not one then it’s the other! I now feel bloated and unable to go to the toilet a lot of the time.

– Boobs – my nipples are really sore most of the time, my bras feel tight and it’s all just a bit uncomfortable.

– Bloating – as I mentioned above, I have been really bloated as you can see from my five week ‘bump shot’, which obviously isn’t a baby bump just yet as baby is only the size of an orange pip!

– Feeling full – this is a strange one for me as I have a big appetite but I have started getting really full after just a few bites of something.  I’m normally trying to stop myself eating lunch at 11:30am but today I didn’t eat until 1:30pm as I was so full from cereal and a banana!

– Headaches – except for one day where I was on the cusp of a migraine, I haven’t had these as bad as I did with Florence but it’s early days.  Sometimes I can feel one lurking but it doesn’t come to anything.  I just have days where I feel a bit foggy!

– Tiredness – I have days where I yawn a lot but then other days I feel full of energy.  I know my tiredness really got going around 6-7 weeks with Florence so I think I have that on the horizon.

This week I am also visiting the midwife for the first time for our ‘booking in appointment’.  It seems I am lucky to get such an early appointment as a lot of women on forums I have read have been waiting until they’re 11+ weeks pregnant!  Given all the hassle we have been through to get to this point I am very tempted to book an early scan but at a cost of £80 when we are in the middle of moving house we just can’t afford to.  So, for the time being, I am keeping healthy by walking the dog and trying to eat and drink as well as I can.

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  1. July 27, 2015 / 9:49 pm

    Aww congratulations that is lovely news. I am looking forward to sharing your journey end it is refreshing to read a story right from the start #maternitymondays

    • admin
      July 28, 2015 / 7:51 am

      Awww thanks – I wanted to document it all. I know it’s early days but I am hoping that by writing my thoughts and feelings down that it won’t stress me out keeping it a secret etc. To be honest I don’t think I could keep it a secret – my belly looks huge already! #maternitymondays

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