39 Week Pregnancy Update

I can honestly say that I didn’t think I’d be writing my 39 week pregnancy update. Since week 37/38 I’ve been experiencing, what I’d say were, the early signs of labour. So symptoms such as back ache, mood swings, increased discharge/slow loss of plug, feeling restless and extra hungry. Yet, here I am, 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant! I’m more pregnant than I was with Florence as she arrived at 39+2.

So to say I feel fed up is a bit of an understatement. It feels like I’m constantly waiting for something; like a train or appointment that never materialises. I’m being a bit of a drama queen  as I haven’t even reached my due date yet BUT I do have a reason.

I see my son, Logan, for two weekends in every three and last weekend was the third week where he spent time with his dad. This weekend coming will be the first time I’ve seen him in about 12 days so, it’s inevitable that baby girl is going to arrive just at the time when I’m due to collect Logan. It’s so hard trying to share yourself around as a parent, even more so when one of your kids lives and goes to school in a different county. I’m not expecting a massively long labour so today or tomorrow would be just fine but if not baby, please can you hold on until Monday when Logan has been safely delivered back to his dad’s house??

I’ve been sleeping pretty well, considering. I’m taking paracetamol before bed as the pain in my pelvis to turn over in the night is quite unbearable. Toilet stops seem to be around every two hours; 11:30pm, 1:30am, 3:30am and 5:00am. Talk about prepping me for life with a baby! Although I curse having to get up and go at least I can go straight back to bed. In a week or two I shall be sat up staring at my daughter as she feeds and feeling like an extra from The Walkind Dead.

I’m almost certain my plug is coming away in small parts and I don’t really expect to see anything larger. It’s very similar to what happened with Florence but I’d already seen some streaks of blood by now which indicated that labour was close. None of that this time, not yet anyway. I’ve honestly never been so interested in what I wipe away after each trip to the lav!

I’ve also been experiencing more contractions. Not just Braxton Hicks but proper contractions. I do still get the BH, which are painless and my tummy goes rock hard, but I also get a slow tightening in my back followed by crampy pain in my lower belly which lasts around 30-40 seconds. These, to me, feel like the early stages of labour and as soon as I feel one I wish another to come soon after. But no such luck. Whilst we’re talking about my belly – it’s definitely dropped further since last week when the midwife said I was 3/5th engaged….just look at that flat area above the bump…..that never used to be there!


I’ve been encouraging labour in every way you can think of; pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, bouncing on my birth ball, an extremely hot curry and yes; we even did the deed which got us in this mess! Seems baby girl is going to be a stubborn mule and keep us waiting until she is absolutely ready. I’m hoping this will make for a smoother and quicker deliver!

If you missed my 38 week update you can catch up here.  I’m hoping the next post I write will be introducing baby girl! Fingers crossed, legs uncrossed!!

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