38 Week Pregnancy Update

I know I say it every week but wow – I’ve reached my 38 week pregnancy update! I can’t quite believe it. When I imagine my birth I feel quite emotional. Those moments following delivery where you don’t have the energy to speak and you just stare into those little dark eyes are what I’ve been dreaming of since March 2014.  It’s within touching distance. Actually it could be sooner than I think as this week has been quite eventful!

On Sunday I woke up with, what can only be described as, crippling pain just above my belly button. I called triage as something just didn’t seem right. As suspected I was advised to take paracetamol and rest for an hour.  I did and the pain lessened.  I called back and they suggested it was just torn/damaged ligaments in my stomach and perhaps the baby was lying in an awkward position which aggravated it.  I took some codeine which I had been prescribed for migraines and that did the trick; I haven’t felt the pain since.

Today, Tuesday 10th May, I had my 38 week midwife appointment.  It wasn’t my usual midwife which always makes me nervous but she was so lovely it actually made me wish she was my usual midwife! I told her about my pains and how I had been a little swollen in the heat and how today, particularly, I’d experienced back pain, discharge and general discomfort.  I forgot to tell her how my body had seemed to have a little clear out the night before too. The midwife said it all sounded promising and took my blood pressure.  It’s been steady for weeks but it was now elevated to 140/94. Once again the midwife said it might be the start of labour as my body starts working a little harder.  I really need to relax and keep my blood pressure low as I won’t be allowed to birth at the midwife led unit if it creeps too high.

After having a feel of my tummy and a listen to the baby the appointment was over.  I always love getting out to the car and having a read through my notes.  I saw the baby’s heartbeat was only 128bpm which alarmed me a little as it hasn’t been less than 140bpm throughout the pregnancy.  She did say during the appointment she thought baby must be asleep so I guess if she’s not worried I shouldn’t be either! Most excitingly of all the baby is engaged! I know this could change as it’s not my first baby and the head could easily pop back out but my notes suggest the baby is 2/5 engaged and todays symptoms seem to reflect that.

It’s difficult not to get too excited after 38 weeks of waiting.

The following day I had back ache all day again and got my hopes up that I was in early labour after reading an NHS leaflet about the initial stages of labour.  You’d think after two kids I’d have some idea wouldn’t you?  Anyway, today (Thursday 38+4) I feel fed up and emotional.  I almost cried for no apparent reason when Florence gave me a hug this morning. There were workmen blocking the end of our cul-de-sac (how dare they) and I’m walking like I’ve got a bowling ball in my rectum.  I know – I’m irrational and irritating. After I’ve finished up this post and tidying the house it will be time to pick Florence up from school.  I am going to bite the bullet and waddle down to the park with her, lets hope it gets things going.

If you missed my 37 week update you can read it here and you can also read my birth plan here.

38 weeks pregnancy update


38 weeks pregnancy bump


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