37 Week Pregnancy Update – FULL TERM!

That’s right people – I am 37 weeks pregnant and this baby is full term!

It does feel like I’ve gone past the finish line…..but where’s my prize? Where’s my medal for doing so well?! I was speaking with some other pregnant ladies on Facebook this morning and you do get this sense of relief when you reach 37 weeks pregnant and are considered full term but then you also expect to go into labour that day!  This is my third pregnancy and I should know better then that!

I am still experiencing increased discharge and *I think* my bump has ‘dropped’; have a look at the photos and see what you think.  I was reading a story to Florence last night and I suddenly realised I wasn’t gasping for breath at the end of each sentence.  There is a definite sense of relief on my lungs.

However, the decreased pressure on my lungs and chest has simply meant increased pressure in my pelvis and I do feel a little like John Wayne some days and my bladder is absolutely out of control.  I am going to toilet six + during the night.  I can’t even decreased what I drink as I feel thirsty all day.  It’s tiresome but all good signs I guess.

To be honest I’ve been a bit of a nightmare to live with the last week or so.  My emotions are all over the place.  I got myself in a state on Friday night about the whole co-parenting thing; the fact I only see my child for 36 hours in a couple of weeks is a killer and a thought I try not to dwell on. I could easily blame myself for decisions I’ve made but what would be the use.  The past is the past and cannot be changed.  Time to look forward.

I’m finding the days I have Florence at home all day increasingly difficult.  She’s not naughty or badly behaved; she’s just a three year old that wants to do stuff.  Lots of stuff.  Stuff that usually doesn’t involve being within 10 paces of a toilet. She is understanding and gives me and the baby lots and lots of cuddles and kisses.  I’m happy that she seems to have accepted that there is going to be a new baby as it was a bit of a shaky start when we first told her.  I’ve wrapped up some little ‘from the baby’ presents for both her and Logan and hope this helps win them over!

Over the weekend we went to Ikea and bought some new bits and bobs for the house.  I loved the house when we moved in but it’s just getting better and better and I can’t wait for each bedroom to have an occupant! This feeling of waiting is just a killer, I want to meet her, I want to put her little personalised bib on, I want to send an excited ‘she’s here’ message to all our family.  Just 18 days to go.

And yes.  I have turned into one of those pregnant women that wears her husbands joggers whenever I’m in the house.

If you missed last weeks pregnancy update you can read it here.

37 weeks pregnant full term

37 weeks pregnant full term bump shot


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  1. May 4, 2016 / 10:32 am

    Awwww lovely, congratulations on reaching full term. Let’s hope your little girl doesn’t make you wait much longer. It is this last few weeks and the waiting game that is always the worst. But all your symptoms sound really positive. Even being very emotional. But you need to be kind to yourself and let others look after you. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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